Saturday, March 24, 2012

Retina Display Macs And iMacs Coming Soon

Speculations Based Upon The New iPad's Retina Display - What Can We Expect In Future Macs

apple mac book pro retina featuring retina display

Earlier this month Apple released The New iPad which features the stunning Hi-Res Retina Display. That makes it the second most successful product that Apple has ever launched. What attracts the buyers is the HiDPI that makes the text on these devices crispier and images brighter and beautiful. With the iPad featuring retina display it wouldnt come as suprise if the future apple products like the mac book pro and mac book air will feature a hi-res Retina Display.

apple mac to get retina displayLets have a look at Apples HiDPI assuming that there the Retina Display Macs should not only have better battery but also better GPU power. The image with HiDPI is clear and the text appears crispier which makes the entire screen look absolutely stunning.
Lets have a look at the current Display Matrix of Apple Products:

apple mac book air retina display

If Apple were to introduce the Hi-Res Retina Display, the key places to focus at would be :

  • Display : Obviously a Hi-Res and better quality display close to Retina - Display
  • Battery : If apple were to add retina display then the batter need a lot of improvement.
  • Weight : The weight of the new iPad was more because of the retina display, apple needs to work on maintaining the same weight as mac books are already sturdy and quite heavy. 
  • Heat : The New iPad is having heat issues. Users have complained that while using the new iPad gets hot more often than compared to the iPad 2. Apple should make sure that the mac books shouldnt heat much as that could cause in overheating of the laptops.
  • Ram :Retina Display not only requires better ram but a faster GPU to render images and texture for retina display. So, if Apple were to introduce Mac Book Pro or Mac Book Air with Retina Display then they need to make sure that the Ram and the GPU is powerful enough to make the Retina Display as magical as it is supposed to be.

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