Saturday, March 17, 2012

Updating Your iPhone, iPad On iOS 5.1 Without Losing Data

How To Update Your iPhone, iPad To iOS 5.1 Without Losing Your Data

Apple released the new version of iOS i.e., 5.1 earlier this month along with The New iPad. The new iOS 5.1 doesn't really bring any new feature but it contains patches for the vulnerabilities that were existing in the existing iOS 5.0.1. The new update basically patches the exploits used by the jailbreak community in developing the jailbreak. Having said that, you can now download and install the latest version of the iOS on your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch. We'll guide you through the entire process of updating iOS device and restoring through  the backup so that you don't lose your data.
updating iphone on iOS 5.1

IMP : If you rely on ultrasn0w unlock and jailbreak, follow the tutorial posted here. 

Follow the below steps to update your device to iOS 5.1

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to iTunes via the connection cable and launch iTunes.

Step 2: Wait for iTunes to show your device details then right click on your device name and select back up my iPhone option. iTunes will now backup your device contacts, recent call logs, messages, photos, application data, music and everything.

Step 3: Now from the help menu in the iTunes, select check for updates and iTunes will check for the updates and alert you that there is an update iOS 5.1 for your device and will ask you if you'd like to download and install it. Select Yes and the download will begin.

Step 4: Once the download is complete, iTunes will automatically start updating your device. Once done, your device will reboot and you'll be taken to the start up screen which should look like these:

how to update iPhone,ipad on iOS 5.1

updating ipod to 5.1 using itunes

how to backup and restore iphone to 5.1

Here, instead of selecting the option Set Up as new iPhone, select Restore from iTunes.

how to update to iOS 5.1 without losing data using itunes backup

Once you select the option Restore from iTunes, your screen should appear like the screen shot below. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes and the restore process will begin.

iOS 5.1 update for iphone, ipad, ipod touch

Once iTunes finishes restoring the content of your iPhone, you'll see the following on your screen. You may now select Start Using iPhone and your iPhone will be updated to the latest iOS 5.1 with your files successfully restored.

guide to update apple iphone, ipod, iPad on 5.1

Feel free to post any comment in case you come across any errors while restoring.

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Anonymous said...

could this process be applied to a first generation iPad? or would there be any different steps that should be taken?

Ehhmad Hasun said...

Yes you can follow the same method for iPads and iPods

Anonymous said...

is everything I meant all of my back up data will automatically restore in my iPhone after finishing the update?

Anonymous said...

All de applications include applications download from Installus & cydia were backed up? & able to restored?

Ehhmad Hasun said...

This method will backup the following:

All application Data
Voice Memos

This method will not backup :

Any Cydia applications or their data..

Hope that's clear enough

Anonymous said...

I have updated that, but it didn't asked me to set up my Iphone, is that normal??

Ehhmad said...

what did it ask you then, do you see that the process is complete ?

Tcross said...

So If I follow these step then my iPhone 3G will have all the bookmarked stuff on safari will all be there and my notes?

Ehhmad said...

Your notes will be there, not sure about the bookmarks but it seems pretty obvious that they will be there too. I'm not sure though. If you have saved the bookmarks on your springboard for ease of access, they will be restored

Anonymous said...

Does this method back up your text messages too?

Ehhmad said...

Yes the backup includes text messages too

Yap Hon Ken said...

My iTunes won't recognize my jailbroken iPhone 5.0.1 version. So I can't backup my phone's data and recover them back in case of loss due to version update. What can I do? Please help.

Long Live Palestine said...

does this work for ios6

silver spark 101 said...

ya please tell me does this work if i wanted to update my iphone to ios 6???i wld like to try it out as soon as possible if so..

John Augustine said...

I updated my IPAD to IOS 5.1.1 and I lost an app which I used to record conferences. The biggest problem I'm having is that it appears that I have a newer version of ITUNES and I cannot figure out how to get back to the ITUNES main menu, so that I can try and restore from a backup. This new ITUNES menu doesn't make sense to me. I seem to be stuck in the ITUNES store area?

John Augustine said...

Also, and more importantly, I lost the data that I saved when using the recording app.

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