Friday, April 27, 2012

Apple Is Blocking SAM iPhone Unlock - Back Up Your Unlock Tickets Before Its Too Late

Apple Is Blocking SAM Unlock - Backup Your iPhone Unlock Tickets Before Its Too Late

If you have unlocked your iPhone using SAM, this is for you. Musclenerd has tweeted that Apple is fixing their activation servers, which means SAM unlock will not work after a while if you haven't saved your unlock tickets. In order to unlock your device in future, you need to save your iPhone unlock tickets using redsn0w following this tutorial.

Looks like Apple's currently fixing their activation servers. But the good news is that previous tickets gotten via SAM trick still work - Musclenerd

So, if you want to be able to unlock your iPhone in future, this is the final call to save your iPhone unlock tickets using redsn0w. Soon in future, Apple is going to fix their servers and those iPhones which havent already saved the unlock tickets will not be able to unlock their device.


Harsh Patel (NiTiN) said...

Hiii ehmed!
i am harsh,
i have locked at&t iphone4 on ios 5.1 i want to factory unlock my iphone4 but i dont know which is the best way to factory unlock my iphone.
so please help me.
and rply me as possible as

thanking you.

Harsh Patel (NiTiN) said...

hiii how can we get this unlock return when i restored my phone after getting backup unlock ticket?

Ehhmad said...

Hi Harsh,

If you have unlocked your iPhone following the SAM method and backedup your unlock tickets using Redsn0w, then you can restore your iPhone and follow the same steps to unlock your iPhone.

This unlock will work ONLY on the sim which you have used to unlock your iPhone initially.

Does that answer your query ?

Radu said...

Waiting for new ways of unlocking ....anyway try to send an e-mail to apple and request an unlock might work !

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