Monday, April 30, 2012

Apple Vs Android - Companies Prefer Apple's iOS Over Google's Android

Apple's iOS vs Google's Android - OS Wars

Earlier we discussed that Apple generates more revenue than Android and Amazon. Seems like Apple is the most preferred mobile and tablet brand by corporates and companies. Its not just the flexibility that we are considering here in comparing the two Giants of Mobile operating platforms. We are taking into consideration the reliability, overall performance of device including software and hardware, application support on the device, how often it crashes, popularity among general population, stability.

If the above attributes are taken into consideration, any one with basic knowledge about smart phones can say that Apple is the best and iPhone 4S and iPad 3 is the pinnacle where technology meets excellence. The benefits of using iOS and how well it is integrated with other Apple products takes the overall experience to a next level. The article published on Apple's website - iPhone At Work gives and insight on how to organize your business life by using an iPhone.The following is the listing of most popular device.

According to a press release by Good technology, as per a survey conducted by them on most activated tablet and smartphone. The survey showed surprising results. There is no comparison between activation that take place for iOS devices when compared with Android. iOS activation are far more compared to android. Most activations take place for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. From the below chat, it is very clear that iOS leads the market with highest number of activations. What's astonishing is that Google's Android is no where in comparison to Apple's iOS.

Android Tablet vs iOS Tablet - Apple Smartphone vs Android Smartphone

So even after segregating the total figures into Tablet and Smartphone, we can see that iOS Smartphone is leading the market followed by iOS tablet and then Android smartphone. From the above comparison, its very clear that Apple is indeed the market leader and is more preferred over Android.

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