Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apple's Market Capital Reaches $600 Billion And Still Strong

Apple's Remarkable Growth - Market Capital Hits $600 Billion

Apple's financial statement

Last week we discussed that Apple's share price had crossed Google's share price and closed at $629. Apple's shares ended the day at a price of $641.14. Google's shares ended the day at $632.32. Apple is now worth $597.99 billion, nearly three times Google's worth of $205.6 billion. Five years ago, Apple's market cap was just $75.8 billion, illustrating the massive effect iPhone and other iOS devices have had on building the company's revenues, earnings and therefore market valuation.
Apple is the fastest growing company

                                         The Big news is that Apple's Market Capital has just crossed the $600 billion threshold. Today’s accomplishment comes just a month after the company hit $500 Billion threshold. The market overall is down. Analysts believe that if Apple continues to grow at this pace, we'll very soon notice that Apple will become Trillion Dollar Market Capitalization. Stock exchange shows that Apple growth has been tremendous and the stock price is breaking every milestone and benchmark. If rumors are to be believed, Apple will soon become the most valuable company by leaving Microsoft behind.

To compare, Microsoft holds the record of the highest market cap ever of $619 billion in 2000 (over $800B in today’s dollars). At the time of this writing Microsoft is sitting at a $250 billion market cap. If some analysts are to be believed, the AAPL train will keep rolling to a $1 Trillion dollar market cap in the coming years.

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