Saturday, April 7, 2012

Inside Apple Headquarters - View You Never Knew

A View You Never Knew - Inside Apple HQ via Apple Gazette

Apple Gazette has managed to get inside Apple Headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop and has shared some of the inside pictures of Apple HQ which were never seen before. 

Apple Office Interior Images
Main Entrance Of Apple Headquarters

                                                  Insiders call it the Mothership. It’s Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, and to Apple fans, it’s a place thought of with romance and wonder. Only the privileged elect have ever been deep within its most secretive recesses, but after an extensive search, I turned up more than 30 inside pictures that Apple probably doesn’t want you to see - Robin Parrish

Apple HQ reception desk images
Reception Desk At Apple Headquarters
 When you first walk inside Apple HQ, you’re greeted by the welcome/reception desk, which is situated inside the massive atrium with its bright natural light and suspended walkways.

apple hq images
Apple HQ Atrium
iPad 3 untethered jailbreak
Apple HQ Atrium

Apple HQ Atrium

The only place which is allowed for public to enter is the Company Store where in you can find all the Apple products Hardware as well as Software apart from separate section for clothing and utensils and stationary. Company Store is the only place where you can buy genuine Apple merchandise that varies from Bag packs, Caps, Apparels and Apple logo imprinted Coffee mugs and many more...

iPhone 4S 5.1 jailbreak
Apple Company Store

iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak
Apple Company Store
Apple HQ Hallway

Jail break help
Apple Company Hallway

iOS 5.1 untether jailbreak
Apple HQ Hallway

iPhone jailbreak 5.1
Apple HQ Cafeteria
The new iPad 3 jailbreak
Apple HQ Cafeteria

Apple HQ Cafeteria - Food isn't free here but its not expensive either...

What attracted us the most was the Wireless Testing Lab of Apple HQ. The Wireless Testing Lab is the place where iPhones and iPads are tested for their WiFi through their paces, like signal strength and user interference.

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Via Apple Gazette

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