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iPhone Stuck With Apple Logo? iPhone Not Booting Up And Stuck With Apple Logo

How To Fix Apple Boot Logo Loop - Fix iPhone-iPad-iPod Booting Problem

fix iphone 4 stuck on apple boot logo
iPhone 4 Stuck With Apple Boot Logo
Update:If you are having booting trouble using spire siri port read this

Is your iPhone stuck in recovery mode? Is your iPhone stuck with Apple boot logo with continuous spinning loop and not booting up? This is a common situation with jailbroken iPhones and can be fixed using either Tiny Umbrella or iReb by ih8sn0w. I'll be discussing how in depth how to fix iPhones stuck in recovery mode and also how to fix iPhones with apple boot logo loop.

Before We Begin - Its Necessary To Understand The Concept Of Jailbreak

There are two types of jailbreak

  1. Tethered Jailbreak :   A tethered jailbreak requires that the device be connected to a computer each time it needs to be booted. A tethered jailbreak is one which requires you to connect your iPhone, iPod, iPad to the computer every time your device is restarted/rebooted/battery drained and not booting up after pluggin in your device to the power. A tethered jailbreak is usually done immediately after a new software update is done on apple device. Tethered jailbreak is for the time being and can be fixed once untethered jailbreak is released. This usually takes some time and that's the reason why people for a tethered jailbreak as its hard to stay away from jailbreak tools.

    So if your device is on tethered jailbreak, it won't start and boot automatically, instead it will get stuck in apple boot logo and spinning wheel. This is Normal and is supposed to happen in tethered jailbreak. 

  2. Untethered Jailbreak :  An untethered jailbreak allows the device to be powered without computer assistance. It usually takes more time for an untethered jailbreak to release.
Instructions To Fix iPhone Stuck In Apple Boot Logo Loop

Step 1: Download the latest version of Redsn0w : Redsn0w Download
iphone 4 stuck on apple logo
Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPod or iPad to the computer and turn it off. 

Step 3: Extract the files from the downloaded Redsn0w archive and Run redsn0w

iphone 4s suck with apple boot logo

Step 4: Win 7 users are advised to run Redsn0w by right clicking on it and by selecting the option 'Run As Administrator'
iphone 4s stuck at apple logo fix

Step 5: In Redsn0w select Extras option and then select 'Just Boot'

iphone 4s stuck with apple logo after jailbreakingstuck on apple logo after jailbreak

Step 6: Follow the instructions carefully to enter DFU and then Redsn0w will push some kernal files to your iOS device and boot your device.

jailbroken iphone stuck on apple logo

Instructions To Get Into DFU
  • Switch off your iPhone
  • Hold the power button for 3 seconds
  • Now, without releasing the power button also press and hold the home button for 10 seconds.
  • Without releasing the home button, release the power button but continue holding the home button until your device enters DFU mode and you redsn0w automatically detects it.
iphone 3gs stuck in apple logo after jailbreak
iphone 4 got stuck on apple logo after reboot

fix iphone 4s stuck at apple boot logo after reset

Step 7: If you followed the above steps correctly, your iPhone/iPod/iPad should now be in DFU mode and Redsn0w should start the booting process by uploading startup files into your iOS device.

my iphone 4s is stuck with apple boot logo after resetfix iphone 4 stuck with apple boot logo after jailbreak

ipad stuck with apple boot logo after jailbreak

Step 8: Once done, your iPhone, iPod, iPad should start up with a 'pineapple' logo instead of apple and you should very soon see the lockscreen of your iOS device.


IMP: You Need To Repeat The Process Every Time Your iOS Device Reboots...

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morenorogel said...

Hi, I have this problem, running an iPhone 4 on 5.1.1 but my phone had never been jail broken. How can I fix this?. I do not intend to jailbreak it.

Ehhmad Hasun said...

Could you elaborate the situation ? The one above is for jailbroken devices only.

If you could tell your activity on iPhone that could have caused the problem, we can help you out

Anonymous said...

stuck on Pineapple Logo :-( plese help

rachel song said...

i need help!!
i just jailbroke my iphone 4 with the new absinthe 2.0.1 and i was installing siri port and it went into rebooting mode but its been stuck on the apple logo for a while now and i dont know how to get past the apple logo. please help!!

Ehhmad Hasun said...

#Rachel what did you install ? Spire or spite ?

PLEASE HELP!! said...

we have the same problem as rachel! we used siriport then after i removed it its now stuck on the apple logo! PLEASE HELP US!!!

Ehhmad said...

Guys! Tell more about the problem:

Device : iPhone4S, 4
Firmware : iOS 5.1.1 ...
Jailbroken : Yes/No
Possible Reason : What do you think might have caused the problem. Did you do anything unusual or installed anything ?

Hans said...

Device : iPod Touch 4G
Firmware : iOS 5.1.1
Jailbroken : Yes (Absinthe Jailbreak)
Possible Reason: After I removed siriport then selected restart springboard, my iPod touch is stuck on the apple logo!

Ehhmad said...

@Hans : The developer of spire clearly mentioned that siri port will not work on 5.1.1

However, I'm looking into this problem as many others are facing it too

Hans said...

@Ehmad Oh, so that's why! Some people said siriport works on ios 5.1.1! Anyways, I have no more choice than to restore my iPod Touch. Thank you for answering anyways! =)

raghu said...

This step applicable for ipad 3 or not

Ehhmad said...

I've not tested it on iPad3

yoyo123 said...

Hey guys, i need serios help, Cause im in very VERY DEEP trouble. I jailbroke my iphone 3gs 16gb using redsn0w and now its stuck on the apple logo. it just ran ot of battery and then when i pluged it in to charge, it got stuck on the apple logo and hasn't rebooted since. I've tried restore, recovery restore and now when i tried the steps above and did "Just Boot", what happend wa, it said, "unrecognised build, make sure that yu have the latest version of redsn0w and your ios is supported is supported yet(something like that, i totally dont remember the whole thing.)" and so plzzzzzz!!!! someone tell me what to do, plzzzzzzz?!!!!

Ehhmad said...


I need to know the following details:

Device : iPhone3GS
Firmware Version : iOS 5.1.1 ?
Possible Reason : What do you think might have caused the problem. Did you do anything unusual or installed anything ?

Chris Delgado said...

thank you so much guys did everything you guys said worked great the reason i got in the apple suck mode is because i installed a Cydia tweak called spire for a Siri port but it was for 5.1 not 5.1.1 but the boot does work takes about 5 - 10 min to complete

Device:iPhone 3GS
Firmware: IOS 5.1.1
jailbreak: absinthe

Ehhmad said...

Good to know that it worked!!

Guys, can you follow the same steps to fix the loop ?

Anonymous said...

It did not work for me :( I tried DFU mode and even after RedSnow does its first step, it says wait to reboot and then it reboots again and again and again into fkg apple logo :)

Elyas Khan said...

hI i Jailbreaked my ipad 2 version 5.1.1 using latest version of redsnow so now its not booting apple logo after it black page help

Andrew Sala said...

how long does it take to get off the pinneapple

elfreako said...

Hello, I downloaded an app from cydia and my Iphone4 went into the restarting loop.
I did the steps you mentioned. After I get it in DFU mode and redsnow strats booting it and uploading, I end up on "waiting for Iphone4" How long am I supposed to wait after that? I waited for around 10 minutes and started again. Is it supposed to be a long wait?
Thank you

suemee shin said...

Get the "not supported on 4s" message when trying to "just boot" the stuck on recovery mode iphone 4s 5.1. Any chance someone is still working on this or shall I give it up now and loose my un-backed up data? Just reaching out one more time before restoring... thanks.

WillJ said...

My friend gave me his iPhone 3gs. It was once jail broken he said then he said he took jail break off. He was updating to newest IOS 5.1.1 and it got stuck on apple logo. He gave up. I'm trying to fix it. I did a restore back to factory settings and restored to latest 5.1.1 firmware but still keeps on getting stuck on apple logo. Can someone give me some advice on how to fix.

Tammy Snell said...


Tammy Snell said...

I have I new Ipad 3 It is NOT jail broken and I don't want to do that.. So if any one here can help me please please DO!!!!

Ipad 3 64 gb
IOS 5.1.1
PC windows 7
I was doing the download for IOS 6 and something went very wrong now the itunes logo with the usb cable is all I see I have rebooted it 10000X I have pressed both buttons together and separately for 10sec the 20sec Please there must be a safe way to fix this I only had it 6 days oh and yes I have rebooted my PC at least 9 times!! I'm so close to crying!!!!! please can any one give me STEP BY STEP EASY instructions I'm begging!! I need this for school I will fail if I can not get it to work so that why I'm loosing it so if any one can help THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Ehhmad said...

Hi Tammy

I understand how it feels when you are stuck with in recovery mode. Lets check the following and try to fix your device:

1) Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed, i.e 10.7

Now try to connect your iPad to the computer, plug it into a different usb port other than the one in which you had plugged it earlier.

iTunes should alert you that a device has been detected in recovery mode.Follow the instructions to update and restore your device. If your device was never jailbroken then this should work.

If this does not work, post a comment and we'll follow the hard way.

Brandon said...

device: iphone 4
ios: 5.1.1
jailbroken: yes untetethered
problem: frozen at apple logo. Alreday tried to do just boot.
reason: I was updating my cydia app spite 3.0.1-1 untethered and then a popup came on the screen and said your device is full and you need to clear space. So it gave me the choice to either click done or go to settings and delete some things t make room. I clicked settings because while spite was downloading it said if you cancel now your device will be bricked so let it finish so i clicked settings. Then after clicking settings it looked like it was opening it and after 1 second it closed the settings app. i couldn't get into settings. So i double clicked the home button and closed the settings app but its still didn't work so then I thought maybe if I closed the cydia app it will restart the download because after into settings I went back into the cydia app and my I let it download more but the bar stayed in the same place for and hour so I decided to close the cydia app thinking if i do that and go back into it the download would restart. but instead I couldn't get back into cydia or anything from cydia so I put my iphone in sleep mode (just clicking it once not actually turning off my whole device) then I tried turning it back but it wouldn't work so I held the home and power button then the apple logo came on it stayed on the apple logo for a long time so I just booted it about 3 times and all 3 times it froze on the pineapple logo so I kept having to turn it off. Nothing I have tried work and I do not want to restore my iphone because I don't want to lose my contacts, my notes in the note app, my game scores, and my text messages and etc. Please help i am so tired and scared I have been up trying to fix my iphone until 5:00 in the morning and in 2 hrs I have to wake up and go to school please someone Help I am really worried. Thank You

Ehhmad said...


You need to read this post as your problem relates to spire siri port

Brandon said...

Alright I guess I will have to restore my phone if thats my only choice thank you. But can you answer another question? If I restore my iphone and I haven't synced my iphone in a while can I still restore my text messages, game scores contacts, notes, and etc?

Ehhmad said...

Brandon I need you to try this out.

Completely turn off your device by pressing down home + power button.

Now press the power button once and then press and hold the volume up button for 30 sec .

If your iPhone has any cydia related issue, this will resurrect your device.

IMP : Remember, you need to take a back up ASAP and restore your device.

If the above method does not work then there is no way you can take a backup leaving you the only option of restoring your device and make sure you install iOS 5.1.1 instead of iOS 6 to be able to jailbreak your device.

Also, you should not install spire Siri port as it is no longer stable..

Brandon said...

Yeah I tried to do it but it won't turn on. But when I plug it into my computer itunes recongizes it but won't sync.

Brandon said...

It says it going to sync but it keeps saying waiting to start sync.

Ehhmad said...

Alright so when iTunes recognises it there are certain ways to get your data

Have you tried iPhone browser ?

Brandon said...

What's that?

Ehhmad said...

That's a windows application to access iPhone data from the back end

Brandon said...

My phone is fixed my dad backed my phone up I have everything except my dad upgraded me to ios 6 and he said it wouldn't let him let me get ios 5.1.1 to restore so now I have ios 6 and cant jailbreak my iphone do you know any thing to downgrade from ios 6 to ios 5.1.1

Ehhmad said...

You can downgrade your device. It is also very important to take a back up of shsh blobs. Follow this post to downgrade your device

Logan Brooks said...

Hi, I have a 3g 8GB black which I am trying to fix, after downgrading baseband on ios 4.2.1 it has just been stuck at apple logo? And I don't think the buttons work? Please help Ehhmad? Thanks for your time :-)

Ehhmad said...

Hey Logan!

There is a way to put iPhone without buttons into DFU mode, I'll make a tutorial soon. Keep watching this place

Dominique Jouana said...

Hi I have just received an iphone 3g from a friend which was jailbroken. I have initiated the erase all contents & settings options and got stuck with the apple logo, could not go past. I have tried to switch off by pressing power button + home key but could not switch off.Oh my! Is there anything that can be done, what should I do to restore to IOS? Thank you, Dom

Ehhmad said...

Hey Dom,

You should never do the restore factory settings on a jail broken iPhone .

Now you need to restore your device. Simply Connect your device to the computer and launch restore from iTunes.

If iTunes fails to recognise your device, you need to put it into recovery mode my pressing and holding down home button and power button for 20 secs

Dominique Jouana said...

Hi Ehhmad,

Thank you for your quick reply, this is well appreciated.

Cannot restore, never had an apple device syncronised to my itunes before. Iphone does not also go in recovery mode after holding down power key + home button. Cannot switch off and now battery is drained. Is there anyway I can do something to restore to IOS or jailbreak again, I would prefer to IOS.

Thanks for helping.

shweta said...

hi my ipod is jailbroken n i wanted to restore my ipod to get ios 5 but when i tried to restore it.... it got stuck with apple logo

if i connect it with my PC itunes does not recognize my ipod

what should i do ????

Ehhmad said...

Hi, Dominique

You need to get your iPhone into DFU mode and restore using iTunes

The instructions for DFU mode are mentioned above , check and let me know if you come across any issues

Ehhmad said...

Hey shweta,

Can you tell me more about the problem ? While restoring your iPod was Internet connection active ? If yes did the progress bar in iTunes indicate successful restore ?

shweta said...

hi my ipod is jailbroken n i wanted to restore my ipod to get ios 5 but when i tried to restore it.... it got stuck with apple logo

if i connect it with my PC itunes does not recognize my ipod

n to get in DFU mode i need to turn my ipod off which is not happening

what should i do ????

shweta said...

yes net was active i restored it directly in my ipod n not through itunes

Ehhmad said...

You mean to say that you installed it via OTA update by going into settings => about => software update?

You did not connect your iPod to computer and restored it , right ?

shweta said...


Ehhmad said...

Alright, so here's the deal

Jail broken devices cannot be upgraded via the OTA update, even if you try the update fails resulting in your device not booting up and getting stuck on the apple logo.

You need to restore your device by connecting it to the computer and running itunes, iTunes wouldn't detect your device so you have to put your device into DFU mode and restore.

Instructions for putting iPod into DFU mode are mentioned in the above post. Once you are in DFU mode, iTunes will automatically detect your device indicating that it has detected an iPod in recovery mode. It will ask you to restore, go ahead and restore your device.

shweta said...

but to get in DFU mode i need to switch my ipod off which i cant do

so what now ????

Ehhmad said...

If you hold power button + home button for 10 secs it will switch off

shweta said...

iPod up to computer, when the apple logo appears hold the home and sleep key till the iPod turns offleaving then still held down as soon as the iPod starts and u see apple logo let go of the power button whilst still holding down home key, if done correctly you should get itunes logo with usb connection on the touch's screen.

load iTunes it will say it detected a iPod in recovery mode simply click restore and eventually when its done you'll have a fully working 1.1.4 iPod (non-jailbroken)

Ehhmad said...

Worked ?

Anonymous said...

i have a iphone 4 with ios 5.1.1 and jailbroke it and then tried to install the new software update. i followed all the instructions on here and then my phone came up with the itunes logo and a cable. i then plugged it into my computer which is updated and clicked restore. it did not work and my phone went back to rebooting over and over again. what do i do?? i need help!!!

Anonymous said...

i have an i phone 4s jailbreaked, the problem isits off and when i try turning it on it shows the apple logo, then the spinning wheel for 3 sec and it freezes on the spinning wheel, im so desperate how do i fix this pleaseeeeeeeee

hannahhh_elizabethhh said...

i have an iphone 4, not jailbroken. every time i try to turn it on it tells me to plug it in. and then when i plug it in and it starts to boot up, it goes to the apple logo but then freezes on a spinny wheel thing. anything i can do to fix this?

drazen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kanak Patel said...

I Am using iphone 3gs and its not jailbroken i was using os 6.0
i just want to restart my phone so i switch off and then i tried turning on it was stuck on apple logo i tried restoring from itunes it got updated to os 6.0.1 but still stuck on apple logo i tried restoring many time but it is not working i just don't know what to do plz help its just getting restart again and again by itself and stuck on apple logo

Big T said...

Help. My son was updating my 4s non- jailbroken Iphone from 5.1 to IOS 6.01 without my permission and the update was interrupted 3/4 way thru. Now all I get is the bootlogo. I've put it into DFU mode and connected to ITunes and it sees the phone and it's update but it says that it needs to be recovered before ITunes will recognize it. It wasn't backed up.I want to recover my data and msgs. Will Redsnow or Tinyumbrella or this?

Ehhmad said...

Yes your data is safe.

Here's what you need to do.

1, Restore your iPhone
2. After restore is complete, iTunes will automatically restore the data.

ITunes restore process happens in the following way
1 iTunes takes a backup of your iPhone content
2 iTunes then installs the update.
3 once update is complete, iTunes will restore the backup files.

Just restore your iPhone and you should have all your data

Big T said...

That's great, Ehhmad!! Yet 2 things make me feel skittish and I hope you can clarify. First, obviously something went wrong in the update process, it didn't completely finish the update's progress bar routine and thus went into this unusual error state w/bootlogo. Also, ITunes screen says it sees no serial no. or memory on phone(is this normal?)but, says I'm up to date with 6.01 and gives the option to restore. Secondly, two techs at SLC, UT Apple store looking at my computer screen with the afore mentioned msgs. said I could click restore but it would wipe the memory. I could dwnld again the listed apps I had from my app store account but that's it. My data would be lost they said. I asked the more knowledgeable one then could I use Tinyumbrella to get me jumpstarted and avoid such a loss a restore would do? He couldn't actually, he said, encourage 3rd party software but implied that yes, if i used it and if not the first time then if i kept re-trying it until it would eventually boot thru then i wouldn't have lost anything for trying. I'm confused I guess from that but, I want to save my important data and I have to move forward someway. You say I will get my data back, however,is it typical that most Apple store guys know little really and just simply go to restore or replace because it's easiest solutuion for them? I await your much appreciated answer & thxs ahead!

PS(BTW I think I would like to re-install 5.1.1 afterwards perhaps. I've read that is you have any opinion in your preference?)

Ehhmad said...

That was a long message :)

The reason for unsuccessful update could be any of the following :

Internet connectivity
iPhone accidentally got unplugged before the completion of update.
The iPhone was jailbroken or any other reason.

iTunes does not mention the serial number and storage memory of any iOS device as long as it is stuck in recovery or boot mode. It shows only if the iPhone boots up normally. So, yes, guys at Apple store were right.

Now, about your documents and data that you need at any chance:

Firstly, there is no data on your iPhone right now. I think I need to explain the update process and that will help you understand.

iPhone update via iTunes, happens in 3 steps:

Step 1 : iTunes will take a backup of your iPhone data, settings and stored content and save it in "your computer".
Step 2 : Next, iTunes will update your iPhone. This is done by completely erasing the content of your iPhone.
Step 3 : Once the update is successful and iPhone turns on, iTunes restores the data that was backed-up in step 1.

So, your iPhone is stuck in the step 2 as it never booted up normally.

Your data is not stored in your iPhone but on your computer.

Try this:
:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

Where is the drive letter you installed Windows 7 on ( probably C: ) and is the name you log into Windows with.

If you see a file that was created on the day and time when you updated your iPhone then that's your backup file. Let it be there.

Simply restore your device and once done, select the option of restoring data from backup and you'll have your data back.

You have also mentioned that you would like to go back to iOS 5.1.1 but there is no way that you can go back. You did some research and have found that some devices can go back. Only those iPhones which have "taken a backup of the shsh blobs" can downgrade. If you have taken, then you can otherwise its not possible. If you are thinking of taking a backup now, then you are too late.

Here's my advice, restore your iPhone and when done, restore your iPhone from the backup. Its that simple.

Feel free to post any questions if you have.

Big T said...

Lol...yeah ha ha 4 sho...i didn't just write it...I gave birth to it! I will now read your post. Thxs

Big T said...

Awright right...I didn't have the foggest but now the fog is clearing. I'll be brief this time. I had little time today while at work. I did run a search on my hard-drive for any of the terms in the path(:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup) you said to search for and
came up empty.

I dunno being that the phone was updating wirelessly without being tethered would explain that. It has been plugged into the computer a number of times over months but I have only one partial sync completed long ago of just basic contacts and stuff not apps/and data stuff. This was revealed to me by the guys at apple store.

So now, how do I sit? Like it's my turn at Russian Roulette; anything could happen? If these iphones are as robust as you say and my phone's just keeping the game interesting till I pull the trigger on the restore and see IF my data yet lives...lez dooit. Or, is there a chance...that just my luck that chamber might have the fatal shot that sends my data into the lost deminsions of the matrix where mine and Neo's data cascade into endless illusions for mortal slave bodies?
You are the One...Ehhmad..Thxs

Ehhmad said...

Now that's something new. I thought your iPhone was updated while it was plugged in.

Do you mean to say that this was a wireless OTA update ?

And you are certain that your iPhone was not jailbroken cause jailbroken iPhones cannot be updated via OTA update

Big T said...

Yeah...I'm sure. Got it new early summer to replace

another older phone but because i was entering my very

busiest season as an event photographer I put off what I

should have done and just used it a lot, which, one is

bound to do with these things and, didn't back it up

fully. I had planned to jailbreak it after the warranty

but no, it wasn't presently. OR, had it been jailbroken,

when my son took it upon himself w/o asking me to do an

OTA update I wouldn't been so vulnerable I guess.

What's done is done but I had some very important stuff

I wanted to save. I'm up the creek I know but do I have

a paddle? :(

Thxs as always.

Big T said...

I still have a no-go with a logo but still hoping I can

recover some bites outa my apple. -_-

Ehhmad said...

Have you tried iReb ?

Big T said...

No, but I saw on one of your other broader issue pages you were discussing using it on iphone 3 and it was something that I thought could apply to my problem...just hadn't looked at it yet if it applied to the 4s. I will and appreciate any recommendations you could offer.

Ehhmad said...

Yup give it a try. Here's the download link

Big T said...

If i'm doing it right I'm running auto-boot true (as administrator)while tethered to computer. It does a quick routine and if it works it's supposed to reboot as normal.
It doesn't seem to be doing any different...still has a cycleing logo.

Big T said...

BTW there's no reason with iReb to be in DFU mode before running it I assume? Now, I can put phone into recovery there any chance by using Tiny Umbrella to attempt a fix set in recovery mode it would work to un-freeze me? I wonder as I wander. Running outa solutions here. Thxs

Big T said... addition, to be more opinion I'm not experiencing "recovery" failure but, I can put the phone into DFU mode and do a "recovery fix" with Tiny Umbrella...unless it could harm the phone it's worth a try. It may be futile and may be I'll bite the bullet eventually and restore. IReb i couldn't get to work.

Consider this, I even tried Dr. Fone, have you looked at it? It recovers data off iphones up to 4's and eventually 4s's. If programs like that can literally open the folders of the operating system to select file types to restore(even in crashed mode like mine) there's got to be others that can do it on the 4s, you know what I mean(including some or all app files too would be awesome)? Any thoughts here? Lotta off-shore developers out there and lots of iphones. Somewhere there's gotta be a solution to extracting files safely and easily if there is no hardware damage. Thxs to you and anyone who has a solution or like comment.

Ehhmad said...

Yes there are many applications that allow you to browse iPhone directory like iPhone browser, disk aid but these softwares work when your device has booted up. Even if it is stuck with no lock screen , you can browse through the directories but your issue is different you see.

Your update was interrupted for some reason and your iPhone did not startup even once. The backup data is still in that phone but I'm not aware of any software that will allow you to retrieve that data in the present state.

You can try the tiny umbrella recovery fix. If you are lucky it's gonna force your iPhone to start up. This will not damage the hardware.

Big T said...

Hmmm...OK I will give the umbrella a tiny try.

Check out the link. It's obviously an off-shore company and maybe their claims are exagerated. They claim here that their software extracts files from ios devices "even when you encounter a White Logo Screen of Death" and they offer free trial versions.

Their claims have any truth to them?

Ehhmad said...

You can download and check the trial version and if it works then you can go ahead and buy it.

Big T said...

Well the deal in my case according to this software is that up to the iphone 4 (but not the 4s like mine or 5)the software can read and move the files even from a phone in my state.

I did dwnld it and it did read the itune sync and files i had but it crashed a couple times with some error. I may try rebooting my computer and dwnld it again. However, until the update for 4s comes along i can't look for it to read and edit the phone's files now.

I posted this to see if anyone more knowledgeable of utility based software like this could put me on to something maybe...and even a better one that would perhaps view and edit the files of 3rd party apps. The first choice would be to get the phone to just start up ya know.

I'm gonna make like my iphone and crash now. Thnxs, later.:O

blackmangopit said...

I have a serious issue with my iPod touch 3g. I have never updated the iOs nor is it jailbroken. I downloaded the game Flow yesterday from the App store on my Touch. I was playing the game all yesterday and this morning. I put it down to get a drink and when I came back into the room I saw it rebooted and apple logo came up. It happens on occasion so no biggie but it kept recycling and the lock screen never came up. I was in panic mode as the last time I backed up data was in June. I searched the internet and got it in recovery mode. But I don't want to restore, I just want access to my files (music, notes, voice memos) so I can copy them over onto my laptop and then if I have to restore or update iOs to latest version. After pressing all the buttons like I was told to no avail, the lock screen comes up and I was able to get in. I quickly checked to make sure all my data was still there and it was. I was about to connect it to my computer to use iExplorer to get my most important data and it rebooted again and is now still stuck in continuous reboot loop. The apple logo shows up for a few seconds, there's a blip and it goes black then up comes the apple logo again and it continues. I have not problems getting in and out of recovery mode. iTunes recognizes the device only when it's in recovery mode. I have scoured the internet for several options to help but most are computer jargon that is over my head and I am computer literate and know my way around fixes. Most fixes are for people who have jailbreaked their iOs devices but that's not my problem. I tried iFunBox and it doesn't recognize the device, iExplorer doesn't detect the device. Will Tiny Umbrella or iREB reboot into my lock screen and keep it there. I am most worried about data loss. From what I've read that these programs upload firmware or fix errors. Tell me what has happened to my Touch and is it fixable. I know it can reboot because it did it on it's own once but haven't been able to get into it again. PLEASE HELP! I am panicking here. :(

Ehhmad said...

You must be having a bad holiday cause of this

So your device was not jailbroken . In this case you have a very good chance of taking your device to the apple store and they'll fix it. That's the best option.

However, if they cannot help you, try putting your iPod into recovery and use tiny umbrella to kick back from recovery. You can also try ibooty to fix this.

Download ibooty from

Let me know if the above helps.

blackmangopit said...

Not only a bad holiday but today is my birthday. :( I just don't understand why it did this without me doing anything to it like dropping or jailbreaking, etc. When it was able to get to the lock screen on it's own it was a miracle. That relief only lasted a minute and then it went back to the boot loop again. Just two questions more: Is there any way to access the files if I can't get anything else to work? Since the device isn't being recognized on the laptop, is there a program that can backdoor this without having the boot up? And most importantly, will using any of these programs you suggest delete my data? Thank you.

Tony Richardson said...

i have a iphone 3gs and its stuck at the loading screen when i opened it and look every file i clicked is disabled xxxxxx.disabled my iphone is running 5.0.1 0.6.15 baseband old bootrom and the battery wont stay up please help

Buck Ignorant said...

I have a tethered jailbroken iphone 4. It keeps booting to the apple logo and then turns off and reboots to the logo again. When I boot through Redsnow it shows the pineapple and seems to boot as a jailbroken phone as normal and can be used. However if I unplug it from the pc it instantly powers off. Even if I leave it connected to the computer it turns off and then returns to the apple logo reboot. I've had the battery and connectors checked. Can anyone help?

ZXHunter said...

My iPhone 4 is on ios 6.0.1 and everytime i try to turn it on it will always stay on apple logo , It worked fine after my phone was completely finished jailbroken from Redsn0w program with the ios 6.0 . Cydia was install perfectly and all that . I installed a few other programs from cydia such as siri etc. Now when i turn it on , it gets stuck on the apple screen logo .

I am able to successfully load the ios 6.0 from latest Redsn0w with the "Just Boot" And it turns on and works perfectly fine . But when i wanna restart my phone , it get stucks on the apple logo . Is there a fix to this ? My computer says the phone is perfectly connected to the computer and i'm able to view files and such . So i know it still loads up , just stays suck on apple logo . Is there any fix to this ?

Chaos_pro said...

HELP ME please! i have a ipod touch 4g 8gb jail broken and i installed this Hacking Logo thing then i reboted my Ipod and Now it keeps rebooting! I NEED HELP QUICK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please help me. i am getting despite.
I download spire for my siri port and and it resprung for 10 minutes and has been on the apple logo for days now. I have everything ! redsnow just stays at the rebooting menu but doesn't reboot and itunes won't let me restore. it get half way through the restore process and then it just quits. i don't know what to do.
I have an iphone4
unteathered and i don't know what else to do i hope there is some solution:c

nick Alexander said...

i jailbroke my iphone4 on ios 6.1 with evasion by the evaders untethered a week and a half ago.6 days ago I downloaded siriport and it wouldnt work so I tried removing it and it resprung and its been in "safe mode"/"loop hole"/"recovery mode" eversince. ive tried DFU mode, I tried to restore but it says i have to update to ios 6.1.2 to restore my phone but when i do it says "there was a problem downloading the software for the iphone "nicksiphone".Yuo do not have permission to access the requested resource.
make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active,or try again later."

Ehhmad said...


You need to download 6.1.2

Then put your device in DFU mode

Now launch iTunes, wait for iTunes to point out that iPhone in recovery mode has been detected and then

Click on restore while holding down the shift button.

Restore should be done smoothly.


Anonymous said...

i have an iphone 4s jailbroken but it wont worked for me it says "it isnt supported yet on iphone 4s"

King Melendez said...

"Brandon I need you to try this out.

Completely turn off your device by pressing down home + power button.

Now press the power button once and then press and hold the volume up button for 30 sec ."
i did this now my iphone works again but some cydia apps like springtomize 2.0 and infini dock no longer have an effect how can i fix this?

If your iPhone has any cydia related issue, this will resurrect your device.

Anelie Ivanova said...


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emyrol asraf said...

i have try that way but it doesnt work

Sarah Pecaskie said...

HELP!?! JB 4s, ios5.1.1 16gb, I used to have a 32, so downsizing to a 16, well, I kinda let it get too full, as in I connected it to my PC and it actually said 0 bytes free. Shortly after, it resprung, or tried to, for about 1/2 hr, so I tried to hard reset it, and now its stuck at the apple boot logo. PC recognizes it in DFU mode, iphone explorer/idevice mgr/w/e you want to call it wont recognize it. Its backed up to icloud, but I REALLY REALLY don't want to have to restore it, rejailbreak it, etc. I have aptbackup for my cydia apps, if it works. I'm sure if I could just delete something off the device, like a few pics, then it would be able to boot, but I can't figure out how. IS THERE ANY WAY TO FIX THIS OR AM I STUCK HAVING TO RESTORE IT??

anonymus said...

Salam and Hi...
Plz help............ I have iphone 4S on 5.1 Firmware.. i tried to update manually (by downloading the updated firmware)to 1.6.3 using itunes and tiny the middle of the update it gave error (-1), and now cannot get back it to normal, as is stuck in recovery mode..tried each and every method posted here and also googled but all in vein...iphone is of my freind and am rally pissed off....plz plz plzzzzzz help....

Ehhmad said...

If you are restoring to 6.1.3 then you don't need tiny umbrella unless you rely on unlock.

If you rely on unlock then you shouldn't update to 6.1.3 instead use sn0wbreeze and ifaith to install firmware.

If you do not rely on unlock and if your phone is factory unlocked and you don't want jailbreak then simply connect your iPhone to the computer and hold down power and home button until iTunes detects your iPhone and then perform a restore

Ehhmad said...

At this point I also assume that you already took the backup of your device since recovery of the data is impossible unless you have a backup.

Before you do anything, answer the following :

Is your iPhone factory unlocked ?
Do you want to jailbreak your device or have you ever jaibroke your device?

Depending on that I can help you restore your iPhone.

Farore said...

Hello, I have a Iphone 5 that is jailbroken. It was stuck in a boot loop which i tried to solve by restoring it with DFU mode. after waiting for it to restore I checked and it is still in a Boot loop. I have shut it off and turn it back on and it will go back to the boot loop. I would restart by holding the home button and power button for 10 seconds and nothing changes, it restarts back to the apple logo. Could this be a problem with my flash drive where as i cant do anything about it? or may it be something about the circuit, so then i could take it to "mobile cellulations' repair shop? It would be very helpful if youd answer this.

Farore said...

I think I might just try restoring it once more, thanks anyways but im restoring it to factory settings as we speak aka type

anonymus said...

Ehhmad...thnx for the reply...
1. My phone is locked...purchased in Uk and now am in pakistan..wanted to unlock and jailbreak...
2..I used itunes and tiny umbrella to upgrade my phones OS(5.1) to 6.1.3..
3. Downloaded that OS from net..
4. When the update wa running smoothely...but in the middle of the installation of the firmware on mobile it gave an error (-1).
5. it stopped updating and the mobile is now stuck in recovery mode and DFU mode but cannot run normally..
6. am really really worried now i just want to recover my phone to its origional condition..
tied each and every way on internet..
7. also used redsnow but i have no blobs and that wont work without blobs..
8. itunes cannot detect saying that the cell is in recovery mode thats why cannot restore insted i have backup for that...

help plzzzzz......

anonymus said...

intially my cell was not jailbroken neither unlocked..also i used tiny umbrella to kick out recovery mode but failed...
used redsnow to kick recovery mode but also failed...
am really screwed....

Ehhmad said...

If you don't have SHSH Blobs saved for any firmware then I'm afraid you're going to have to restore it to stock 6.1.3 without using tiny umbrella. Doing so, you'll lose your iPhone unlock forever .

Run redsn0w to enter pwn dfu mode and when iTunes detects your iPhone select restore.

anonymus said...

i have saved but while when asked for it in red snow it fails to verify...also in redsnow when it tells u to follow the instructions to go into the DFU mode , i follow the step by step procedure but the timing of iphone and the redsnow is not considing resulting in error..plz can u guide how to enter pwn dfu ...and also isnt there any other way to restore to factory conditions ??

anonymus said...

redsnow while entering to DFU mode says unable to not detected....

Ehhmad said...

good to know that you have SHSH blobs saved. For which iOS version do you have the SHSH blobs saved ?

Timing doesn't matter, you need to remember the time and do accordingly irrespective of what redsn0w shows.

Ehhmad said...

DFU Instructions - follow these irrespective of what redsn0w says

Plug your device into your computer.
Turn off the device.
Hold the Power button for 3 seconds
Hold the Home button without releasing the Power button for 10 seconds
Release the Power Button but keep holding the Home button
Keep holding the Home button until you are alerted by iTunes saying that it has detected a device in Recovery Mode

anonymus said...

when the phone is in DFU mode the redsnow is not showing the PWNED DFU option...
or just tell me how to get it normal..dnt care wether it is permanatly locked or unlocked..i just want it ON back...plzzzzzz

Ehhmad said...

You cannot put it into dfu mode only a4 devices can be put into pwn dfu .

Just enter dfu and then restore the device

anonymus said...

i can get to DFU mode, but redsnow wont work or itunes DFU mode dsnt work only in recovery mode it is detected with no name just Phone..only option to update from server which will take ever....

anonymus said...

OK..tiney umbrella has saved a folder named..SShS folder having some file of .PLIST format and also some files like keyXXXXXX.PLIST...can these files help by any means??

Ehhmad said...

Download ifaith from and run the app and it will show you which iOS shah blobs are available for your device . Based on that you can downgrade your iPhone

anonymus said...

Ok thnx brother...really thanks for ur time..i will do the needfull and then let u know...

anonymus said...

ifaith has fetched the following shsh blobs directly from apple:
6.1.3 (10B329)
they have been saved localy (XXXXXXXX)
ifaith successfully submitted the following etched blobs to cydia...
6.1.3 (10B329)

Ehhmad said...

There should be an option to fetch available blobs from Cydia , try that

anonymus said...

thats the only blob that ifaith can find..almost tried a hundred there any hope so that i can at leat install the latest 6.1.3 firmware on iphone.. i dnt care wther this phone will loose unlocking for ever ....tried both i faith versions i.e 1.5.5 and 1.5.6...thnxx bro...

Ehhmad said...

Yes you can install 6.1.3

Before you begin, hold down power + home button for 20 seconds and iTunes should detect your iPhone in recovery mode , select restore.

If this fails, tell me the iTunes error (there should be an error no like 1604,1600 or something)

anonymus said...

Ok..In itunes restore should i restore automatically (the one hich itunes selects) or manual IPSW like holding shift and clicking restore,where u can then browse for the IPSW manually...

Ehhmad said...

Automatically since you are restoring to 6.1.3

anonymus said...

with the manual gave error..
the iphone could not be unknown error occured (21)...

anonymus said...

there was a problem downloading the software for the iphone.the network connection timed out...

this is the error itunes giving rite now instead of having normal and running internet connection...

Ehhmad said...

You might need to change the host file of your windows . Do you know how to do that ?

Ehhmad said...

iPhone iTunes restore error 21 indicates that your iPhone is not in DFU mode. Make sure your device is in DFU and try restoring

anonymus said...

Ohh yes sory that was in recovery mode..but is this possible that itunes resume the download incase of internet or electric problem as it will almost take 7 hours to donwload and install....

Ehhmad said...

I think it will resume. If you haven't downloaded it yet then I'd suggest you to use a downloader that allows pausing and resuming the download in case there is a problem with Internet connectivity or if you are expecting any power cuts

anonymus said...

the same timed out error..cell is in DFU mode..

hanging host file u mean this ''Remove the following all lines include “ ...''??

anonymus said...

i have downloaded the IPSW using IDM..but in itunes it wont resume...

Ehhmad said...

Now that you have downloaded the 6.1.3 ipsw file, copy the file to the iPhone software update folder :

C:\Users\*YourUserName*\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

* Username on your computer

Place the file in that folder and put the iPhone in DFU mode :


1) Plug your device into your computer.
Turn off the device.

2) Hold the Power button for 3 seconds

3)Hold the Home button without releasing the Power button for 10 seconds

4)Release the Power Button but keep holding the Home button

5) Keep holding the Home button until you are alerted by iTunes saying that it has detected a device in Recovery Mode

Once done, select the option restore.

NOTE: If you get any update errors again, then instead of selecting restore, hold down the shift key then click on restore. iTunes will pop open a window and browse through the location of the ipsw file that you have downloaded and hopefully this time the it will be restored.

anonymus said...

same error again...error code (-1)

anonymus said...

and also error code (11)...

Ehhmad said...

I believe you haven't yet charged the host file.

Go to the windows host file and remove all entries

anonymus said...

when try to restore by placing the ipw in the update folder of the itunes and click restore..everything runs smooth upto when the software is started installing on the phone, but then gives error (-1)..

if click restore button with shift and manually select the IPw then gives error code (11)...

anonymus said...

same errors after deleting the gs.applle entries...i think i have lost my phone it will never starting to cry now...

Ehhmad said...

I would have clearly mentioned that you don't need to spend more time on your phone if I thought your phone was dead.

I don't think your phone is dead, not yet.

You need to rethink and re do the process.

I'd possible use a different computer and if that's not possible then check ye following :

Dfu mode
Host file
Internet connection

anonymus said...

checked each and every option except that of changing another PC... there is only one error message i.e. (error -1)...
what is this error -1, and is there any remedy to this stupid error...

Ehhmad said...

Are you sure you are running the latest version if iTunes ? 11.3 or something

anonymus said...

itunes version is and is the current latest version

Ehhmad said...

Here are few troubleshooting steps that apple recommends :

iPhone restore error 1 and -1 could indicate a hardware issue but follow the above steps in the apple website before coming to a conclusion

anonymus said...

Windows Firewall is on.
iTunes is enabled in Windows Firewall.

Connection attempt to Apple web site was successful.
Connection attempt to browsing iTunes Store was successful.
Connection attempt to purchasing from iTunes Store was successful.
Connection attempt to iPhone activation server was successful.
Connection attempt to firmware update server was unsuccessful.
The network connection timed out.
Connection attempt to Gracenote server was successful.
Last successful iTunes Store access was 2013-04-08 16:54:25.

how to adress this issue ?? i.e connection antivirus..

anonymus said...

Most probably there is hardware issue...
any how thnx a lot mate for ur time and help...
God bless u...

monica v said...

Please help !!! Is been stuck like this since last night ! And I don't know what to do ! I have an iPhone 4. The IOS is 5.1.1 and the reason it's acting like this is because I was trying to upgrade the latest version of iOS ( 6.1.3) and then it just started to show the apple logo . It keeps showing the apple logo then it turns black then again and again. Please help !!!!!

Ehhmad said...


Was your iPhone jail broken ?

monica v said...

And it is not jail broken!

Ehhmad said...

Hmm, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed.

Press the home + home button until you see iPhone in recovery mode.

iTunes should automatically launch asking you to restore the iPhone. Simply select the restore option and iTunes will download the latest version of iOS if not already downloaded (6.1.3) and update your iPhone.

Let me know if this does not work.

monica v said...

Okay .

blizz8301 said...

Will this work even if im not on redsnow i i am under the 5.1.1 abstine jailbread and a cydia app has my iphone stuck on the apple logo recovery or new start not an option

Sarah Jackson said...

I am still riding the high of fixing my iphone 4 so I need to share it somewhere in case someone else runs into something similar:) (since you/OP are still actually updating these comments this seems like a good place.) I tried lots of other programs and nothing was working at all.... so I think I ended up pretty lucky

-Dropped iphone4 and it turned off (No idea what firmware on phone and I had no backup, it was NOT jailbroken)

-phone wouldn't do anything when unplugged

-when plugged in I would get the apple logo
-I could get the "connect to itunes" but all itunes wanted to do was a restore (and I wanted to keep all of my data!)

-Wondershare Dr Fone would get stuck at 99% so I figured it was hopeless

-Tinyumbrella wouldn't kick it out of recovery mode

-I downloaded redsn0w and guessed as to what version to get (my phone was basically bricked I was not getting any 'about' info off of it

-I downloaded 4.3.3 ipsw (another random guess)

-right clicked redsn0w and ran compatibility as vista sp2 (another guess, I had nothing to lose at this point), also checked run as administrator

-ran redsn0w as administrator (just in case!)

-loaded the ipsw I had saved

-then went to install cydia (I had tried redsn0w already and failed so I left that part out- had to do a system restore so old install was "basically" gone)

-my phone was already in DFU mode when I started this so everything from there in redsn0w just kind of "happened" (I had gotten itunes to recognize the phone in DFU before I opened redsn0w, and shift clicked restore in itunes, then closed itunes, and it actually kept the phone in DFU where as all the other times DFU ended very quickly)

-I saw lots of stuff on my phone that I hadn't seen in days, and I was just about to completely give up on my phone so this made my pretty excited!

-my phone got stuck on a screen, I can't remember what it was called, something about moving apps or something. When this timed out I had access to the emergency calls, with a SLIDER!

- Low and behold after a minute I had EVERYTHING back on my phone (and then I quickly updated it).

-It ended up NOT JAILBROKEN, but was out of the recovery loop that it was stuck in. Perfect!!

Sarah Jackson said...

Whoops after I got it working I didn't update it I BACKED UP, lol...

Guy Snider said...

If I do this will I lose all my data

~Seagull~ said...

Hi Ehhmad,
My wife's iPhone 3G was working fine but suddenly it stuck on apple logo while rebooting. Could u please help me with this? I will be very thankful to you.

ryanto said...


I use iphone 4 ios6.1.3 with Tethered jailbreak. I installed a tweak from cydia yesterday and when the device re-booted after the tweak's setup it stuck on the apple logo.

I'v tried to fix it with "Just boot" if redsn0w but problem still there.

Please help me how to fix it. :(

Jezca said...

Hi got my iphone 3gs stucked on apple logo screen keeps on restarting and wont turn completely on. I downloaded and installed ios version 6.1.3 OTA and thats where the problem started. My phone is jailbroken untethered on ios 5.1.1 using redsnow. Anyone who can help me please, I would really appreciate it, thanks.

Jezca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Howard Stark said...

Hi Ehhmad,

I could really use your help here....i tried installing a cydia tweak on my jailbroken iPod touch(4th gen - iOS 6.1.6) which ended up in an infinite reboot loop after the installation process....i tried just booting it as u the pineapple logo...but it eventually returned into the loop, u know,the apple logo appearing followed by a white screen n all over again...PLEASE HELP

Pierce Alex said...

Do you have any other solution when iPhone stuck on apple logo?

Paul Brighton said...

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Bishal Bhandari said...

Is this method not applicable for iphone 4s?

jasonharden said...

When iPhone stuck in recovery mode, you should try to restore from backup. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery helps me to restore iPhone files successfully and easily.

Zac Beth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zac Beth said...

Great article, thanks. You know you can easily get your iphone out of recovery mode via iTunes, however, some times you can not do that wtih iTunes. Read the following article and you can get more info.

Ivanna Steve said...

I actually had basically the same problem with my iPhone 4s and this is how I fixed it:
1:Let it sit for about a day with no power (until the battery runs out)
3:Plug the iPhone into iTunes (This might not work, if so, plug it into a wall charger for about 5 minutes; the buttons should, hopefully, work now), but as you are plugging in the cable, hold down the home button until the connect to iTunes screen comes up on your phone(you have to be quick)
4:iTunes should recognize an iPhone in recovery mode.
5:Now you should be able to restore to whatever firmware you want (if iTunes gives you an error, use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery to kick your phone out of recovery mode)
Hope this helps.
Read more:
How to iphone stuck on apple logo?

Anonymous said...

Great article, thanks. You know you can easily get your iphone out of apple logo mode via iTunes, however, some times you can not do that wtih iTunes. Read the following article and you can get more info. iPhone stuck on apple logo

Elsa Lyons said...

I use a tracking app from MxSpy to hack a phone. I don't try to track group chats, but I think it should work.

Jack hooo said...

Solution: Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo
It has a free way to help you.

kidsmith said...

Method 1: How to Get iPad out of Recovery Mode when update (Free but lose data)
Note: Ensure your PC is running the latest iTunes (12.3.3)
the latest version of iTunes can find in: Apple Support

Step 1. Connect your iPad to the computer via a USB cable, and just run iTunes.
Step 2. If iTunes can detect you iPad, it will tell you that your iPad is in Recovery Mode and you need to restore it. Next, now you can just click "Restore".

1.If “iPad is in Recovery Mode” did not pop up, check Method 2.
2.If you don't mind losing data at all, force iPad into factory settings is an option for you. However, you need to notice that all the precious pictures, pdf, videos and other files will be cleared. I prefer to suggest you make a backup before entering your iPad restore mode.

Method 2: How to use iTunes to Restore iPad to Factory Setting (Data loss)
Tips: Before You Restore Your device to factory settings

1.Make sure that you are running the latest version of iTunes on your Mac or PC.
2. Go to Settings > iCloud. Turn off Find My iPhone.
Step 1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC.
Step 2. Connect your iPad to your computer with the cable that came with your device.
Step 3. Select your iPad when it appears in iTunes.
Step 4. Find the Summary panel, click Restore [device].
Step 5. Click Restore again to confirm. Then iTunes erases your device and installs the latest iOS.

It will restart after your device restores to factory settings, and now you can set it up as new.

Method 3: How to Fix iPad stuck in Recovery Mode (No data loss)
By following this method, you can exit your iPad from Recovery Mode without restoring your iPad with no data loss. You can firstly download and launch the free trial version of the software - iOS System Recovery, which will help you get your iPad out of Recovery Mode easily and fix the errors

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