Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sam iPhone Unlock Method Has Been Fixed By Apple - Sam iPhone Unlock Method No Longer Works

SAM iPhone Unlock Method Has Been Fixed - Apple Has Fixed Sam Unlock Method

Sbingner has just tweeted that the Sam iPhone unlock method has been fixed by Apple and no iPhone can be unlocked following the method anymore, unless the iPhone was already unlocked following SAM unlock method and that the unlock tickets were backed up using redsn0w or iFile.

Earlier this week a Chinese iPhone enthusiast had discovered a method of unlocking any iPhone by using Sam. This method was simply tricking iTunes to believe that the sim inserted in the iPhone is the original sim which came along with the iPhone. Sam unlock method was discovered 2 days ago and today, the loop hole has been fixed by Apple. Those who have unlocked their iPhones following SAM unlock method can take a backup of their unlock tickets using redsn0w 

As confirmed by Sam Bingner, this unlock method no longer works and if you need to restore an unlock., you can follow redsn0w method for now but eventually SAM will be updated to re-unlock the unlocked iPhones using the unlock tickets.

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Zaacski said...

So can we use this to unlock iphone or not?

Ehhmad said...

Nope, it no longer work if you are tying this for the first time. However, if you have already tried it and saved your unlock tickets, only then it will work

ahmerisdon said...

but how the unlock ticket works??

Anonymous said...

is there any method now which can unlock iphone 4 iOS 5.1.1 with firmware 04.12.01???? plzz help me.

enlighten said...

You can unlock your iPhone 4 by using Remote unlocking method . You can get it from any of the online vendors like to unlock it .

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