Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Separate Store For Apple Appears In Walmart

Store Within Store - Apple Store Appears In Walmart As Separate Section

Seems like Apple has got a tie up Walmart cause we are seeing a separate section for Apple products in Walmart. Its like a store in a store. Its a new concept where a store with in a store has appeared.

The new displays could be the prototype for a rumored expansion of in-store Apple displays to Sam's Club, the warehouse retailing division of Walmart. The displays feature tall, double-sided, back-lit graphics, a clean-looking wood table, live display products and under-table accessory storage with security glass. The new look updates previous Apple product displays within Walmart stores that have been notoriously small, invisible and poorly maintained.

We are expecting more such Store-Within-Stores in future from Apple.

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Raleigh Brecht said...

Lucky walmart :/ I wish the one on w interstate 30 had this instead of glass display only

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