Sunday, April 22, 2012

SwipeBright For iOS Lets You Control The Brightness By Swiping the Status Bar

Control The Brightness Of Your iOS Device Just Like Android Using SwipeBright

Its very simple to change the screen brightness of an android phone. All you need to do is swipe the status bar and the brightness will be increased. This feature is presently not available in iPhone. The only possible way to change the brightness in iPhone is by going to settings and then adjusting the brightness. Also, if you are using a jailbroken device then you can install SBsettings that enables toggles which are simple and handy to use. But still its not as easy as a simple swipe like in the case of Android..

SwipeBright is a new Cydia tweak that enables you to change the brightness of your iOS device, iPhone, iPad or an iPod with a swiping gesture. This is exactly like an android device swiping. All you need to do is, install the tweak from Cydia and change the settings that suits you the best. SwipeBright is a simple to use and extremely useful tweak that's very handy in your busy day life. SwipeBright allows the users to control the brightness of the screen with simple swipe gestures on the status bar. Swiping from left to right would increase the brightness and to reduce the brightness swipe from right side of the status bar to the left.

SwipeBright is a simple tweak that allows you to adjust your brightness instantly from any application. Just swipe your finger horizontally across the status bar to quickly change the brightness to any level - BigBoss

The  configurable settings for SwipeBright are as follows:

  • Enable : To enable to disable the tweak
  • Restrict To Springboard : If you turn this one, Swipebright will work only when you are at the home screen and will not work if you are in an application.
  • Deadzone : This refers to the sensitivity of the swipe. Higher deadzone means you must slide your finger more to start changing the brightness.

SwipeBright is available in Cydia BigBoss repository for $0.99

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