Saturday, May 26, 2012

Absinthe 2.0.1 Jailbreaking Tutorials For iPhones iPads And iPods

Absinthe 2.0.1 Jailbreaking Tutorials For iPhones iPads And iPods

Chronic Dev-Team has announced iOS 5.1.1 untethered Jailbreak Absinthe 2.0 that supports all devices including iPad3, iPad2, iPhone4S along with the earlier models. Chronic Dev-Team has announced the jailbreak during their HITB2012AMS presentation where members of jailbreaking team gave presentation on Absinthe jailbreak and Corona Jailbreak. Pod2g, vulnerability search expert has explained the challenges faced during the process of developing a jailbreak. P0sinxninja, the leader of Chronic Dev-Team explained that iOS is the most secure mobile OS and jailbreaking it has become more and more challenging. Jailbreak developers have to spend a lot of time searching for loop holes that could be exploited to dump arbitrary code that could jailbreak a device.

Alas! Dev-Team has finally released a new version of simple UI jailbreak called Absinthe 2.0 which will for the time being jailbreak all iPads and iPhones and iPods until Apple releases new iOS update to patch it up. If you are an iPhone or an iPad or an iPod user who relies on jailbreak, do not update your device in future because you'll be left out without the jailbreak if you update until jailbreak develops find new methods to jailbreak the devices. Below are various tutorials for iPhones iPads and iPads for jailbreaking iOS 5.1.1 using Absinthe 2.0.1. For those who are facing any issues while jailbreaking, make sure you perform a clean restore on your device and then user absinthe 2.0.1. However, if you still face any issues, you can use the CLI tool to jailbreak your device.

Absinthe 2.0.1 Jailbreaking Tutorials


Jude Palermo said...

This is crap! I still can't jailbreak my iPad 3. I'm left out. SUCKS. I tried to reset everything twice. Absinthe 2.0. Then with absinthe 2.0.1. Still nothing. Now here is the rocky-raccoon CLI thing. I guess I can try that. What will it hurt. NOTHING. all I want in life is a jailBroken ipad3. Until that, my life is incomplete. Here I am, a grown a$$ man crying my eyes out. For 2 whole days now. Wtf. All I can do is try to jailbreak on a different computer with absinthe 2.0 and or 2.0.1 or try rocky racoon CLI jailbreak tool here on my MAC OS X. this is it. Let's try

Ehhmad Hasun said...

@Jude That's really sad to hear!!

Try the rocky-racoon, if that doesn't work either let me know. I really do hope that your wish to jailbreak iPad3 is fulfilled..

If you still face any situations, email me I'll help you out

Anonymous said...

is there any process now which can unlock iphone 4 iOS 5.1.1 with firmware 04.12.01???? plzz help me.

Ehhmad said...

The only way to get iPhone unlock is to use Gevey Sim but even that works on basebands upto 4.10 baseband.

Jatinder Kumar Dhiman said...

how to jailbreake and upgrade from IOS 5.1(9b179) on my iphone 4s????

Ehhmad said...

Follow the 4s guide above

Eryn said...

How do I fix an ipod touch that is stuck with a picture of the iTunes symbol and below is a picture of a usb with an arrow pointing towards the iTunes symbol. It says on the computer that is stuck in recovery mode and keeps trying to download the software for two days now. But it keeps stopping and saying it was unable to download because of connection problems. Everything else we downloaded was fine though. Help please?

Satyam Shrestha said...

how to know to which carier my phone is locked to?

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