Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Apple To Add Retina Display In Upcoming MacBook Air - Unveil It During WWDC12

Apple To Add Retina Display In Upcoming MacBook Air - Unveil It During WWDC12

MacBook Air

Macbook air retina display
9to5mac reports that Apple is planning to add Retina Display in MacBook Air. Here's what 9to5Mac posted on Retina Displays coming to MacBook Airs.
Apple’s new MacBook Air will not see major changes across the entire computer like the next-generation MacBook Pro, but this update will truly be all about the Retina Display.
Apple is preparing both new 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models. These new Airs lack notable design changes, but feature fast and power-efficient Ivy Bridge processors and improved graphics engines to support the Retina Display, according to supply chain sources. The new Airs will also use improved Apple internal battery technology in order to support the battery life required by high-pixel-density screens such as the Retina Display, according to sources familiar with prototype versions of the super-thin notebook’s internal components.

It has hardly been an year when Apple initially launched MacBook Air. The design has raised a serious challange to Apple competitors on how to compete with Apple's sleek yet Powerful MacBook Air which is slightly thinner when compared to your thumb. The new MacBook Air is supposedly sheduled to launch somewhere in September.

Apple's plan to introduce Retina Display in MacBook Air shouldn't come as a surprise as Apple has adopted a policy of competing against itself to achieve more. Apple's launching of Macbook air with Retina Display would be a challenge that the company needs to take as Retina dsiplay are costlier when comapared to the normal one. Besides, launching of Macbook Air with Retina Display will not only put Apple far ahead of notebook competition but will also bring huge sales and revenue as those Apple users which have already used Retina Display on their iPhones and iPads would definately want to have a mac with the same retina display.

According to sources, Apple is planning to reveal the new Macbook Air during the upcoming World Wide Developers Conference WWDC12 in the second weeek of June.

We are very excited for WWDC12, there are also rumors that Appple is planning to launch the next generation iPhone 5 during this event.

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