Sunday, May 20, 2012

Create Free iTunes Account Without Credit Card - Free iTunes Account

Creating Free iTunes Account Without Credit Card - Free iTunes Account

Many iPhone iPod and iPad users go through this. They need to create an iTunes account but they do not have a credit card and iTunes asks for Credit card information when you try to create an account. iTunes account is necessary for installing applications and getting music from iTunes Store. Apple does not allow anyone to download and install applications without any account information. Users who have jailbroken their devices use install0us to get applications out of having no choice left. That's not good and shouldn't be encouraged. There is a method through which a free iTunes account can be created. This is a simple and easy to follow trick to get free iTunes account.

Free iTunes Account

Note: This method does not void any rules and regulations and is completely safe.

Follow the steps to create a free iTunes account

Step 1 : Install iTunes on PC or Mac => iTunes

Step 2 : Once installation is done, launch iTunes.

free itunes account for iPhone

Step 3 : Select AppStore from the drop down menu.

free itunes account for iPod

Step 4 : Select any free application and click on download.

itunes account no credit card

Step 5 : iTunes will open login window, Select 'Create Apple ID'

credit card for iTunes account

Step 6 : In the welcome to iTunes Store Window click on Continue

Free appstore account

Step 7 : Accept the Terms and Conditions by checking on the check box and then click on Agree.

free appstore account for iPhone

Step 8 : Fill in the required details to proceed with the setup. Once done, click on continue.
free appstore account

Step 9 : In the payment method, you should observe that a new option 'None' appears. Select the payment method as none and complete the iTunes account setup by filling the address details.

free itunes account for iPad3

iPad3 free iTunes account

Step 10 : Check your email inbox for iTunes email and click on the confirmation link to start using your iTunes account.

free itunes account

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