Saturday, May 5, 2012

Get Warranty Protection For Jailbroken iPhones - Warranty Covers Drops And Spills For 2 Years

Now Get Warranty On Your Jailbroken iPhones - Warranty Covers Drops And Spills

Jailbreaking your iPhone will void Apple warranty.Every one who jailbreaks his device is aware of this fact. When it comes to warranty, if you are using Apple products you wouldn't need to use one. The products are designed with foremost motive to provide excellent quality. However if you even encounter with a problem and your device is jailbroken, Where would you take your iPhone? Apple would not cover the charges if you have a jailbroken device. You will end up paying heavy service charges to Apple.

iPhone 4S Warranty

Square Trade, a third party warranty provider is now offering a warranty for your Jailbroken devices , they have no problem to replace or fix your idevices just to pay 60 $ & you can get a full warranty for your device. This will ensure confidence among people that even if I jailbreak my device and lose Apple's warrany, I can sign up for Sqare Trade for $60 to get warranty cover for my iPhone. This will however not eliminate the risk of jailbreak but will entrust non jailbreak users to go ahead with the jailbreak.

jailbroken iPhones warranty

Jailbreaking is fun and you can install various themes and tweaks on your device. You can change the entire UI of your iPhone by installing Winterboard themes or Dreamboard themes which will give you a look of Android, windows, Blakberry themes. You can installed Activator and use various shortcuts and gestures to launch events. We have covered a seperate topic on benefits of jailbreaking iPhone.

If you havent already jailbroken your iPhone you can follow the jailbreak help guide for dummies.
If you confused which jailbreak tool to use for jailbreak, you can follow the jailbreak help guide.

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