Friday, May 4, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Released - Samsung Unveiled The Next Generation Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung Released Samsung Galaxy SIII - 22% Bigger Than Samsung Galaxy S2

Big Thanks to GeekyAndroid for providing the life coverage of Samsung's Next Galaxy Event. Samsung has just released the next generation Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone in a life streaming unboxing event. The event was streamed life on Samsung.Samsung GalaxySIII will be available in stores starting from May 29. The Galaxy S3 will be available in 3G and 4G models. Samsung galaxy s3 will be released in European region with 3G model and Japan korea will get the 4G model first. Samsung has emphaised on humanity and unity while broadcasting the advertisement of Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung has concentrated on Olympics 2012 as the release of Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 features an 8 mp camera with amazing clear image capturing technology which can capture 20 images in a click, soo fast and elegant. Samsung Galaxy S3 features a new method of calling too.


  • Samsung Galaxy S3 features WiFi Channel Bonding that doubles the Wi-Fi Bamdwidth.
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII is 22% larger than Samsung Galaxy S2 due to reduced bezel.
  • With a 4.8 HD Super AMOLED display, the Samsung GALAXYSIII offers a captivating vivid & incredibly sharp experience, and true color rendition.
  • On GalaxySIII, HD video can be recorded even with the front-facing camera and while you're taking a video you can also capture a still shot.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 features 8-megapixel with LED flash, zero shutter lag, 'Burst shot', 'Best photo', 'Face zoom' & 'Group tag

Source : GeekyAndroid

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Anand Sharma said...

There is a reason why iPhone is still regarded as the best phone in the world. Apple has extensive after service worldwide. All minor repairs which can be done at Genie bar are free for lifetime. They also give you free replacement if they can't repair inhouse if the product is within the guaranted period. And if not then they charge almost just little then Hal price for a brand new replacement. No phone maker has these kind of service. Offcourse S3 must be a great phone but they cannot convert apple fans into their customers. After service makes a lot of difference guys. Also all apple products have strong body and make whereas Samsung uses cheap plastic body. No good at all.

Ehhmad said...

There is no way An Apple fan can move to Samsung :)
Plastic body apparently is the icing on the cake for Samsung :p

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