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CinePro Video Editing App For iOS - CinePro For iPhone And iPod

CinePro Video Editing App For iOS - CinePro For iPhone And iPod

CinePro-iPhone-iPod-iOSiOS AppStore is the most popular and expansive application market with over 600,000 application, games etc. This number has been growing ever since the launch of iPhone and iPad. There have been over 10 billion downloads from the appstore. There are specifically 200,00 apps for iPads only that gives Apple standout against its competitors. Everday there are over 100s of new apps and updates on the exisiting apps in the iOS AppStore and so far Apps has paid developers 5,000,000 that shows how strong the market is.

CinePro a new app in iOS store can edit your videos on the go. You can add stunning effects to you gallery videos and see the effects instantly without having to wait for rending or compiling. CinePro has built in effects and more can be purchased for $0.99 . The best thing about Cinepro is that is is very vast and immediately reflects the changes that you make on the video. You will not have to wait for the videos to recreate in order to see the effects. CinePro also allows you to shoot vidoes from front or rare camera unlike other applications which allow shooting only from rear camera. Apart from real time changes and shooting effects, CinePro also allows you to mnually configure the settings for focal length, aspect ratio and frame rate.

Released in this month, John Clem's CinePro has put in loads of efforts for customer satisfaction and the punch line for the application says - Everyone is a filmmaker. Whether you are a professional film maker or a casul user recording birthday party video, you can use CinePro to enhance your videos and to make them look professional by utilizing the benefits of the following :
  • Real time video filters so you don't have to wait for the video to render or to reload the video, it happens instantly.
  • Swap lenses and pixel accurate 35mm focal length allows you to have awesome videos which is great for location scouting.
  • Front and rear camera support
CinePro comes with 5 amazing filters like color gradients, tilt shift and edge detection. John Clem started with the project of CinePro with an aim to provide professional film makers a powerful tool with easy interface so that any one passionate about film making can easily use it.

CinePro For iPhone iPad - Features, Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a critical bug which caused videos to not be properly saved if the app experienced a crash 
  • Fixed a bug where the screen would dim at 1minute and lock at 2minutes while recording
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would auto-expose/auto-focus when you start recording even if the focus and exposure were locked
  • Fixed a bug where recording more than 3 videos in a row caused the UI to lock up
  • Fixed a bug where setting Waking Life or Edge Detection to max or min created an undesirable effect
  • Optimized filtering to make the filters perform much faster on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS
  • Switched Twitter uploads to TwitVid; makes videos show up properly in twitter streams in most twitter apps
  • Improved performance of histogram
New Features:
  • Added the ability to import videos into CinePro from camera roll
  • Added the ability to apply filters in post (tap the magic wand icon in the video view to try it out)
  • Added "best available" recording mode, enabling 1080p recording on supported devices
  • Added the ability to swipe left/right to change lenses and swipe up/down to change aspect ratio
  • Added 2:1 aspect ratio
  • Added support/feedback interface
  • Added the ability to choose any frame rate between 1-30fps
  • Added in-app settings
iTunes Download Link $0.99


Video Editor CinePro For iPhone iPod

CinePro For iPhone and iPod

Video Editing App CinePro

Video Editor - CinePro

The application CinePro has received 4 Star rating from 83 users and one of the review goes as follows :
I just want to say a big thank you to the app maker John Clem! I just received word that the low bitrate issue was a coding issue and will be fixed with the next update! 
Again, this app has HUGE potential! One of the best video app I've used on my 4S and trust me I've tried them all. Support great app makers like John Clem! 5 stars!

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