Friday, June 15, 2012

iOS5.1.1 not booting stuck on with apple boot logo fix spire siri

iOS5.1.1 Not Booting Stuck On With Apple Boot Logo Fix Spire Siri

SpiresiriportiOS5.1.1 untethered jailbreak is finally here and the stats say that over a million devices were jailbroken over the weeked of the release of Absinthe jailbreaking tool. One of the reasons for iPhone, iPad and iPod users to jailbreak their device is to maximize their device's potential by installing apps and tweaks from Cydia store. One such tweak is Spire, that allows you to install Apple's siri on no supported devices like iPhone and iPad and iPod.

Apple has added Siri in the latest iOS, what's sad it that Siri works only on iPhone4S. Spire Cydia tweak has a solution to fix this problem. Spire is a amazing tweak that allows non iPhone4S users to install Siri over all iOS devices including iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPads and iPods. Many iOS users have enjoyed Spire tweak until iOS 5.1.1 was released.

Spire does not support iOS 5.1.1 and will never work on 5.1.1. The developer, @chpwn who ported Siri on non supported devices in the form of spire has confirmed on twitter that it will not work on iOS5.1.1 and will not work in future too. Sad, but its the end of Siri for non iPhone4S users. Apple does not host a decrypted copy of Siri for iOS5.1 which it did for earlier firmware. The only supported version of spire is iOS5.0.1



Spire Siri Port For iOS 5.1.1 - Not Supported

I've Already Installed Spire - Should I Uninstall It ?
Don't! Doing so will put your iPhone iPad and iPod into stuck on Apple Boot Logo and there is no fix for that. Many users have installed spire port and when they found that it doesn't work on iOS5.1.1, they tried uninstalling it and when the device rebooted, it got stuck in apple boot logo loop.

Take a backup of your device data and then restore it. Users who have tried uninstalling it directly without taking a backup have lost their data. Don't do the same mistake. Take a back up, simply connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod to iTunes then right click over your device in iTunes and then select the option, back up my device.

I've Not Tried Spire Yet - Can I Try It ?
It doesn't work. So, unless you want to slow down the performance of your device drastically, you shouldn't install it. Installing spire is not a problem but many users have experienced troubles uninstalling spire from their devices which ultimately caused their devices to stuck in boot logo loop

My Device Is Already Stuck On With Apple Boot Logo, Any Help ?
Restore it! Truth is always bitter - You might have to restore your device unless any tool is released to fix the boot process. @Chpwn, has already made a clear announcement over Twitter that Spire will not work on iOS5.1.1

Will Spire Ever Get Updated ? Will I Be Able To Use Spire In Future
I don't think so, no. Until Apple magically starts hosting a decrypted copy of siri, there is no legal way to get Siri on non supported devices.

I've tried Spite And It Works Well
Well, I've not tried spite. Spite is redistribution of Spire's code which is DMC violation. Any one redistributing spire other than @bigboss is in violation of DMCA.


If I've missed out any questions, please post them in the comments section and i'll add them up here.

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Anonymous said...

please post any process to unlock iphone 4 iOS 5.1.1 with firmware 04.12.01. plzzzz....thank you.

Ehhmad said...

I wish I could! Unfortunately there is no way I can help you out here other than advising you to buy an unlock or sell your iPhone and buy an unlocked one.

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