Thursday, June 14, 2012

iOS6 Beta - How To Install iOS6 Beta On iPhone iPad And iPod

iOS6 Beta - How To Install iOS6 Beta On iPhone iPad And iPod


Apple has annonced iOS6 the newest operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPods. The new iOS will be officially released for public in september hopefully with the new upcoming iPhone5. iOS6 is currently avaialable for developers to download and install them over the devices to check the new features and to integrate their apps with the new features and also to update their apps to the newest operating system. If you are a developer, you can simply head to the downloads section to download iOS6 beta along with iTunes as the existing iTunes will not support iOS6 beta versions. If you are not a developer and would like to install iOS6, you should probably know few things before installing the beta iOS:

  • It is not complete, it has many bugs and glitches.
  • There is no official jailbreak for iOS6 beta
  • Cydia is broken and most of the apps and tweaks won't work
  • The system keeps crashing indicating that there is no stability
  • If you rely on software unlock, you'll probably lose it forever

It can be considered critical and foolish to install iOS6 Beta on your device if its the only device you have. However, if you have a device for testing, then you can install the new iOS6 beta. To be able to use a beta iOS, you must register your device's UDID. This is a unique 16 digit device identifier that needs to be registered in order to activate the iOS. There are many paid as well as free sources to get UDID registered. I'll not be talking about it as it is covered by NDA and anyone who's distributing such resources is actually pirating.

How To Install iOS6 Beta On iPhone iPad iPod

Step1: Download iOS6 and iTunes from Apple developer account.

Step2: Take a backup of your device. You can do this by connecting your device to iTunes and after you see you device listed on the left side in iTunes, right click on it and select the option 'Backup my device' This will backup your data.

Step3: Now hold down shift key and then click on restore.

Step4: iTunes will pop open a window and all you need to do is point the folder where you have iOS6 beta downloaded.

Step5: iTunes will begin updating your device and once it is, your device will start up with iOS6.

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