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iOS6 To Be Announced Tomorrow During WWDC - Features Of iOS6 Based On Rumors

iOS6 To Be Announced Tomorrow During WWDC - Features Of iOS6 Based On Rumors


The day has finally come, its just a matter of hours when Apple's WWDC will begin. World Wide Developer Conference is the annual meet where in developers across the world can join Apple to know about the future of Mac and iOS and Apple. The event also invites new developers for iOS by rewarding them for best design. It is the event where in Apple announces the upcoming software upgrades. This year is going to be amazing with the announcement of iOS6, the world's most advanced mobile operating system.

We have already shared images of Apple's WWDC 2012 and iOS6 Banners that we being setup in San Francisco venue where Apple's WWDC kicks start from Tomorrow. There are many speculations and rumors about the features iOS6. We though it would be better to compile all the features together and present it so that it will be easy for you to follow. The most speculated rumor about iO6 is adding widgets on the homescreen and better Siri integration in applications.

iOS6 Features - Speculations And Rumors

Better Maps : The first rumor about iOS6 was that Apple is planning to get rid of Google Maps and 3D maps. Apple's decision to expunge Google maps from iOS6 will definitely affect the relationship between the two companies. As we speak, this is not speculation and there are some evidence to back this up and the source is very strong. The new maps in iOS6 will also feature 3D rendering that will allow users to navigate easily. 

iOS6 Silver/Gray Theme : Earlier it was rumored that Apple is likely to change the current blue theme with Gray and Silver. This rumor turned into reality when Apple released WWDC app for this year. The app is in think Silver color indicating iOS6 will have the same silver color instead of blue. This sounds exciting.

iOS6 Facebook Integration : Just like the twitter integration in iOS5, it has been speculated that iOS6 will have full Facebook integration in apps and camera gallery so that you can easily share photos and videos on facebook.

iOS6 Better Siri : Users are expecting more from Siri like better integration into applications so that you can handle operations simply by asking Siri to do it. Siri is still in Beta development stage and we are expecting the final version of Siri to be released with improved features. It is also rumored that Apple might integrate Siri into iPad3 as it has the same specifications like that of iPhone4S, infact iPad3 is better than iPhone4S in every way.

Do Not Disturb Notifications : It has been rumored that Apple is planning to add a feature in notification center that will allow users to disable notifications. This might be helpful to uses when they are going for a meeting or when they are in a meeting or when you are playing games you can simply disable the notifications by toggling in the settings.


Enhanced iOS6 Mail App : Apple's iOS6 will feature an enhanced UI for the native mail application for iPhones and iPad. New features are supposed to be included in the mail application.

These features of iOS6 are based on rumors and speculations but some of these are confirmed to be there in iOS6. Apple will be announcing iOS6 tomorrow during the World Wide Developer Conference that will be held in San Francisco from 11-15 June. This year's WWDC is going to be very exciting with the rumors of apple announcing New MacBooks, iPhone5 and with the launch of iOS6. Apart from all these new launch, Tim Cook , the new CEO of Apple would be taking the stage of WWDC for the first time.

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