Tuesday, June 5, 2012

iPad Dominates Kindle Over Most Demanded Ebook Reading Tablet

iPad Dominates Kindle Over Most Demanded Ebook Reading Tablet

A survey reveals that demand for iPad has been increasing over and over and more users are preferring iPad over kindle in ebook reading device. According to research by ChangeWave in May, the survey included over 2,983 American consumers who have plans to buy the new iPad which reflects the diminishing demand for Kindle which was once the most preferred device for reading books on the go.

Survey Report:
In the next 90 days, 73 percent of consumers who plan to buy a tablet indicated they will choose Apple's iPad. The remaining 8 and 7 percent went for Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab respectively. It should be closely observed that although samsung is leading the mobile smartphone market with number of devices sold daily, the demand for Samsung's tablets is relatively negligible. However according to ChangeWave, Samsung has shown positive growth in the tablet market and might just be competing with Apple over a period of time.

Last year, following the launch of the Kindle Fire, ChangeWave found that the $199 device generated impressive demand from consumers, positioning the device to be the first credible competitor to the iPad. But since then, demand for the Kindle Fire has collapsed, as ChangeWave noted that Amazon's device is "floundering."

Kindle Fire's demand was initially high during the launch at $199 but over a period of time consumers started preferring iPad over kindle considering the fact that there is more to do than just reading!

Customer Satisfaction:
  • 81 percent of  iPad owners indicated they are extremely satisfied
  • 41 percent of Kindle Fire owners said the same followed by
  • 46 percent of Galaxy Tab owners.

Apple is rumored to launch a new iPad mini with a smaller screen size somewhere in September. The new iPad mini launch would be to compete against the biggest rival of Apple, Samsung which has 7-10 inch tablets. ChangeWave have also asked users if they are willing to buy the next rumored iPad Mini to which 17 percent of users said they might consider buying it.

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