Thursday, June 7, 2012

iPhone5 Back Panel leaked Video Appears - iPhone5 Bigger Than iPhone4S

iPhone5 Back Panel leaked Video Appears - iPhone5 Bigger Than iPhone4S

Yesterday we shared the leaked specifications of the upcoming iPhone5 which might be revealed in fall this year. Today we are sharing the video of the new iPhone5 back panel which clearly suggests that Apple is making the next iPhone bigger than the existing models to compete with the android phones which have huge displays. The leaked back panel suggests 5 major changes that Apple is going to make in the upcoming iPhone5:
  1. Bigger Screen
  2. Ultra Micro Sim Card Tray
  3. Bigger Speaker for better sound
  4. Smaller charging port
  5. Headphone jack moved to bottom
The video is pretty clear and the above mentioned changes can easily be observed and one more thing that is different with the iPhone5 back panel is that the headphone jack is placed in the bottom just like it is placed in iPods. The size of the screen would be 4" inch and it looks pretty impressive if compared with iPhone4. Lets have a look at the video:

Video Of iPhone5 Back Panel

The iPhone4 screen size is 3.5" inch where as the iPhone5 back panel that we have suggests 4" inch screen which is very exciting to have an iPhone with a bigger screen. Apart from the screen the iPhone4 has back panel that holds the battery and then there is a middle casing that holds the screen. There is no middle part in iPhone5. There is only the back plate that will hold the battery and then there is the screen, there is no space for the middle case. One more thing, the new iPhone5 will be slimmer that the iPhone4S but the difference is very negligible.

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