Monday, June 18, 2012

Redsn0w iPhone3GS 6.15 Baseband Downgrade Released Download Links

Redsn0w iPhone3GS 6.15 Baseband Downgrade Released Download Links

howtodowngrade6.15basebandAs we have mentioned in the earlier post that iPhone Dev-Team will be releasing 6.15 baseband downgrade tool, most probably in the form of redsn0w tonight. The time has come and Redsn0w has been updated with the functionality of downgrading iPhone 6.15 baseband!

The iPhone Dev-Team has just announced the release an update to redsn0w that will allow iPhone3G and iPhone3GS users to downgrade their iPad 6.15 baseband which they were advised to flash in order to unlock their device using ultrasn0w unlock.

iPhone3G and iPhone3GS users who upgraded their devices beyond 4.2.1 had no other option to unlock their devices using ultrasn0w but to flash iPad's 6.15 baseband that surprising was unlock-able using iPhone Dev-Team's ultrasn0w. Currently all iPhone3G and iPhone3GS are unlock able by using ultrasn0w after flashing iPad's 6.15 baseband. This release of Redsn0w will allow all iPhone3G and iPhone3GS users to downgrade their 6.15 baseband to an unlock-able one, probably to 5.13.04.

Muslenerd has just tweeted that he's running some last test and will release the updated redsn0w in an hour.

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Aenk said...

could you tell me, what happens to my apps, songs or sthing else in memory; will they be effected by downgrading? thx

Ehhmad said...

You will not lose anything from your device. But, I'd recommend you to take a backup before trying. Take a backup by following the guide posted above.

There shouldn't be any regrets later. If you are unsure how to take a backup

To backup your device, follow the instructions posted here :

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