Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apple's iPad Mini With IGZO 7.85 Display For $200-$300 Arriving In Summer

Apple's iPad Mini With IGZO 7.85 Display For $200-$300 Arriving In Summer

With Apple there are always rumors before the release of every new product or occurence of any event. This time it is for iPad Mini. It has been rumored that since Google has launched a 7 inch Nexu7 tablet to compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire, its seems pretty reasonable that Apple might launch one too. To gain more control over tablet market, Apple might launch a mini iPad version to attract those consumers who are willing to spend less on a tablet.

Mini-iPad-igzo-display has confirmed that Apple will indeed launch a 7.85 inch iPad later this year with a IGZO Display - Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide that will give a thinner and brighter display. The thinkness of the mini iPad is likely to be of the same thinkness as iPad 2 and the new iPad. Earlier, it was rumored that Apple would be using these IGZO displyas in The New iPad3 but apprently these were not ready by that time.

Digitimes also reports that Apple might replac the current iPad display with IGZO but have considered that the news to be unreliable. Don't put your hope on this one until you hear more about it. If at all Apple launches an iPad with smaller display, will it be supporting GSM carrier ? Nothing can be said right now and even if its going to be a GSM iPad then its very likely to be locked on specific carriers like AT&T.

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