Thursday, July 12, 2012

Best Navigation Apps For iOS & Android Road Navigation 2012

Best Navigation Apps For iOS & Android Road Navigation 2012

Three of the latest and greatest navigation and map applications I'd like to talk to you about are Waze, Where2Boss, and CoPilot GPS.

AppStore-Waze Waze is a free application for both iOS and Android. Waze is an intuitive application that constantly updates to account for traffic flow. I love Waze, because it reroutes you around traffic as you're driving and warns you when traffic conditions change unexpectedly. It's a social driving application that alerts you to local traffic incidents, and other roadblocks so you can plan ahead and make your next move and outsmart traffic. Waze is also a free application, and available on both iPhone and Android devices. Even if I have driven a route many times, I use this app to gauge my drive time and let friends know when I'll get there depending on traffic.

Where2Boss is another free navigation application available for iPhone users. Where2Boss is the perfect map application for saving you time and money. Where2Boss compares the route your taxi driver takes with the route he or she should be taking, based on distance and traffic flow. This app is empowering to taxi riders, because it enables users to rate their driver and post comments or complaints about their driver. And like other social application, such as FourSquare, Where2Boss allows you to earn badges when your route is beating regular public transit.

I used this application during a trip to Chicago last summer. My friends and I decided to save time and take a taxi to Central Station instead of walking. When the driver offered a flat rate to the station, and got us there quickly, I was able to leave him high praise on Where2Boss, refer him to others, and see that I had gotten there much faster than I would have via city bus.Where3Boss is the perfect application for city commuters who depend on taxis and public transportation to get where they need to go.

Last, but certainly not least, CoPilot GPS is a free navigation application for iPhone and Android users. Not only does CoPilot provide free maps and directions, but these services are delivered consistently without requiring a data connection! Before downloading CoPilot GPS, I never knew that a smart device could use GPS without eating away at their service provider's data limit. CoPilot also lives up to its name, suggesting interesting stopping points along your route, just as a friend might suggest while on a road trip with you.

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