Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apple Wins Against Motorola As Judge Orders Further Investigation

Apple Wins Against Motorola As Judge Orders Further Investigation
Apple vs motorola

Apple vs Motorola - Patents War

This week has been lucky for Apple as it seems pretty clear that Apple's win over Samsung has been a tough one. Apple has recently won the lawsuit against Samsung for infringing the intellectual property of the company by illicitly using its patents. The trail ended with Samsung being ordered to pay Apple over 1.05 Billion in compensation for copying Apple's patented designs of iPhone and iPad.

Recently Google has filed a lawsuit that Apple has violated several patents of Motorola in making the voice assistant Siri which happens to be the aggressive marketing source for Apple. If the allegations are proved to be true, the results could be devastating for Apple as it could lead in the permanent ban of iPhone in the United States. Further more, Apple would have to pay heavy compensation to Motorola (Now Google) for the losses and the lawsuit charges. 

Call it a lucky day for Apple as the judge has ordered further investigation in the issue instead of imposing immediate ban on the sales of iPhone. This, however might infuriate Google with the ball landing in the wrong court. The ITC says that upon an initial determination, Apple may have infringed on a non-standard essential patent, which could potentially lead to an import ban. In particular, the said patent is for the “sensor controlled user interface for portable communication device.”

The ITC, however, has decided to remand further action and investigation on the matter to Administrative Law Judge Thomas B. Pender, reports FOSS Patents.
Apple was cleared with respect to three of Motorola’s patents-in-suit, including the aforementioned standard-essential one. But with respect to U.S. Patent No. 6,246,862 on a “sensor controlled user interface for portable communication device”, a non-standard-essential patent, the investigation was remanded to Administrative Law Judge Thomas B. Pender. The judge had found claim 1 of that patent indefinite and, as a result, not violated. The ITC has reversed his indefiniteness finding. As a result, there could (but need not) be a finding of a violation with respect to this patent, and an import ban.

With Apple's patent war with Samsung just coming to an end, seems like there are others who are more interesting in bringing Apple to the courts of law. If the initial investigations prove that Apple has abruptly copied the Motorola patents then the result would lead to an immediate ban on imports. From now on, its just a wait and watch game for Apple and Motorola.

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