Monday, September 24, 2012

How To Manually Add Music To iPhone iPod iPad Without iTunes Sync

How To Manually Add Music To iPhone iPod iPad Without iTunes Sync


Earlier we discussed that a new Cydia tweak - Bridge allows users to manually add songs to the music app for iOS without having to sync their device and thereby reducing time that is usually taken to add music to Apple devices. Bridge is very reliable and lets you import the downloaded music that can be sitting in any folder of your iOS device. However, this app is limited to those who have jailbroken iOS devices. To be able to use this tweak and save your time, you need to have a jailbroken device running iOS 5.1.1 or higher. Those who have already upgraded their devices to iOS 6 need not worry as it works perfectly well on tethered jailbreak too.

Check more details about Bridge app for iOS here

Adding Music Without iTunes Sync

Step 1 : Launch Bridge and go to the files tab.
Step 2 : From the list of folders, browse to the folder location where you have downloaded the music. If you have used Safari Download Manager to download music files then the default location for the downloaded files would be var/mobile/media/downloads
Step 3 : Tap on the song that you'd like to import to the music library.
Step 4 : Add the details and if you wish to add an album art image then you can add that too.
Step 5 : Once you are done with labeling, simply tap on the import button.
Step 6 : Once import is complete you can go to the music app to confirm the import was successful.
Check out ProTube to download videos from YouTube and import them using Bridge!

Bridge importing music tweak

Cydia Tweak music importer bridge

Bridge music importer tweak for iPhone

bridge for iPad and iPod

Bridge Tweak for iPhone

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Jacktastic™ said...

How exactly do you add an album cover image? I try it and it opens ifile which doesn't help me at all

Ehhmad said...

It's really simple. First download the image that you want to set as album art, I say download because when you download an image, it will be saved in media/downloads folder so you'll know which is the image you are looking for.

Once downloaded
Tap on the album art and it should open ifile like menu showing various folders, select media and then downloads to get into the downloads directory. Now select the image and thats it.

Does this help ?

Stan said...

Sounds good. Only I cannot find the app in either the itunes store or the app store....

Ehhmad said...

I guess you did not give a good readi, it clearly says that it's for jailbroken iPhones only

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