Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jailbreakcon - World's Biggest Jailbreak Community Event Live Streaming

Jailbreakcon - World's Biggest Jailbreak Community Event Live Streaming

Jailbreakcon is the biggest ever jailbreak community convention that aims to unite the entire community of jailbreak developers along with various developers that have contributed and presented their remarkable skill in developing stunning tweaks and apps for jailbroken iOS devices which include iPhone, iPad and iPods. Jailbreakcon is simply the same event that happened an year ago with a different name - MyGreatFest that was very successful. The event is happening at South San Francisco Conference Center in California today beginning in few hours.

Note The Organizers:
We have yet to witness first hand the awesome goings on at JailbreakCon. However, the plain is to feature the best hackers, developers and themers that the community has to offer. All in one place to educate, inform and share their wisdom and experience. We are currently exploring numerous exciting avenues to make JailbreakCon the best event it can be. This involves talking with the big names in the community, but also with up and coming developers.

Event Schedule

9:00-9:45 Aaron Ash (Developer of multiple Cydia based tweaks).

9:45-10:15 Josh M. Tucker (UI/UX Designer and former writer for ModMyi and Engadget).

10:20-11:50 Josh M. Tucker + Austin Bradley (A short discussion on themes and UI design work)

11:55-13:55 Lunch & workshops for VIP’S (saurik, Dustin Howett and Aaron Ash + Blake from HotWan)

14:00-14:45 Carsten Heinelt (Developer of the popular file management package, iFile).

14:50-15:50 pod2g (French iOS security researcher).

15:55-16:35 ih8sn0w (iOS developer and researcher responsible for Sn0wbreeze)

16:40-17:10 NitoTV (Apple TV Jailbreak legend).

17:15-17:45 Ryan Petrich (Hardest working man in the jailbreak community. Creator of multiple essential Cydia offerings).

17:50-18:20 Jaywalker (iOS security specialist).

18:25-19:25 Jay Freeman (Creator of Cydia and owner of SaurikIT LLC).

19:30-20:15 Dustin Howett (Creator of theos and involved in CyDelete and Safari Download Manager packages).

20:20-21:00 pimskeks (iOS developer and hacker, member of the Chronic Dev Team).

21:05-21:35 Panel (On stage question and answer session with multiple developers).

WWJC Live Streaming

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