Sunday, September 2, 2012

iPhone 5 Headphones Leaked - Apple Redesigns iPhone5 Ear Phones For Better Quality

iPhone 5 Headphones Leaked - Apple Redesigns iPhone5 Ear Phones For Better Quality

As the iPhone 5 release is closing by, more and more leaked images are starting to appear. Earlier it was the front panel of the upcoming iPhone5 and now it is the earphones of the shiny Apple device. It appears that Apple has completely redesigned the headphones of iPhone 4S successor by changing the entire technology and physical appearance. That's why we think that it has been redesigned. 

The design of the new headphones seems quite innovative with proper shape to fit into ears and sound speakers so that the sound reaches your ears directly and does not go into the atmosphere which is otherwise the case of the current head phones. They seem quite similar to plugins but in a redesigned state. It is not clear if the head phones are original or leaked but if these are indeed genuine then there is no point in arguing that the sound quality will be amazing and quality of the earphones as always will not be compromised.

There was a 2 min video about these headphones but unfortunately the uploader has changed the settings of the video and it can no longer be viewed. We still have the screenshots to share. 

iPhone 5 Redesigned Head Phones




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