Thursday, August 1, 2013

Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 4 To Developers - Enhancements And Fixes

Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 4 To Developers - Enhancements And Fixes

Apple has pushed an update to iOS 7 beta versions by releasing a 256mb update as beta 4 which addresses issues relating to crashes. iOS beta 4 is much more stable compared to the previous versions. However, twitter app doesn't seem to be working well with this beta update. Hopefully twitter will fix this with a quick update.

iOS 7 beta 4 has addressed performance issues by speeding up the animations and adding the functionality of quicker responsiveness when an action is initiated. Previous version of iOS 7 beta were slow when it comes to animations. The lag was noticeable and now there is no lag and the animations are smooth and quick. 

Call option buttons have been redesigned and they look sleek and elegant compared with beta 3 of iOS 7. Spotlight search has also been refreshed and the translucency of control center in more appropriate compared to iOS 7 beta 3.

A comprehensive list of new features/improvements in iOS 7 beta 4 is as follows: 

● New chevron (>) arrow added to lock screen in front of "slide to unlock".
changing the lockscreen background now previews the lockscreen.
● Control Center pull up indicator is now just a line. Notification Center pull down indicator is also a line.
● Tapping on lock screen causes a sideward bounce -- prompts users to slide to unlock
● Changing the lockscreen wallpaper will preview the wallpaper with the lockscreen
● Removed "HDR" overlay in the camera app
● Live Camera Filters for 4S
● Tweaked 'Allow Photo Access' prompt
● Auto-focus square is now orange rather than green
● 'Summarise' option in Photos & Camera setting to make the views for photo collections more compact
● Picture previews aren't "negative" anymore
● Tweaked dialer call button
● Tweaked answer phone buttons
● You can now disable/enable contact photos in favorites
● Shuffle artist songs
● Playlist download all button is back
● Folders now have better/proper color to match the wallpaper.
● Multitasking Previews are now live, not just a static image
● PDF files look different in mail app
● The gradient on the mail weather and safari icon's gradients are more subtle.
● You only see the first letter of a persons last name in the messaging app now.
● "Completed Uploads" in the settings for notification center
● Tabs are now capitalized
● You can now swipe between panels in Notification Center
● Game Center settings now accessible
● You can forfeit/delete Game Center challenges within Game Center
● Frequent Locations can be used to improve Apple Maps, History of Frequent Locations is also shown differently
● Drive time now displayed under the blue car when selecting a location
● Dramatically improved response time.
● Animation times are much shorter and snappier.
● Spotlight tweaked, Cancel button in search fields
● Accessibility improvements with bold text
● In a selectable list, the options are now centered
● Apps that use the camera now use the iOS 7 camera
● Caps lock icon and shift icon tweaked
● Siri Q&A Screen when pressing the "?" icon in Siri
● Back button during setup says "back" instead of previous screen
● New iPad "2X' icon when viewing iPhone apps on iPad screen
● Minor Safari UI Tweaks, website without a Favicon show a Safari logo
● New Airplay Icons
● Slight Newstand UI Tweaks
● You can now select a sound for AirDrop alerts
● Compass calibration is now faster
● Screen brightness changes when closing passbook
● Few new icons in
● Snooze during alarms says "Tap to Snooze" instead of just snooze
● Search in reminders app
● App Store opens in last section you were visiting instead of the default featured tab
● "Grabbers" have a new look (the tab that comes up for notification center when you're full screen/watching a video)
● Improved algorithm for detecting which font to display depending on wallpaper
● Second hand on clock icon is now active.
● World clock shows how many hours behind or ahead you are from city


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