Sunday, March 2, 2014

iOS 7.0.6 iTunes Restore Error 3 - Unable to restore iPhone 5

iOS 7.0.6 iTunes Restore Error Message 3 - Failed to restore iPhone 5

Apple has recently pushed iOS 7.0.6 update to fix the SSL security bug. However, there seems to be an issue when trying to restore a device on iOS 7.0.6.

My iPhone 5, stopped showing the cellular information and after all the attempts to get back the network like resetting the network settings and resetting all the settings, I thought I should try restoring the device. Here is what I did to restore the iPhone 5:

  1. Connected the iPhone 5 to the computer.
  2. Launched iTunes, updated iTunes to the latest version
  3. Clicked on the restore button. 
  4. iTunes downloaded iOS 7.0.6 and the restore process started.
  5. Everything went smooth and at the end the process got stuck at 99.9% as seen in the below screenshot.
  6. Then iTunes error message 3 popped up.
  7. Later, I tried uninstalling and re installing iTunes, checked the host files, removed everything from the host files, rebooted the computer but I still get the same error.
I've tried checking the forums but there isn't any solution. It is discussed on this thread that the issue is about flash storage and there's nothing that the user can do other than reaching out to the Apple Care.

I'm also attaching the log file of the failed restore, so it could be helpful to anyone who can offer a solution.

This is the present state of my iPhone 5. If anyone else is facing the same issue, please add the details in the comments section below.

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Aung SweOo said...

Same issue with my ipad4(3G), I try to restore to ios 7.1 with latest itune, and then put my ipad in the freezer for 30 mins as someone suggested in a forum but unable to restore, so I also removed host file and try to restore it, nothing!!! Still error3. It seem the problem is with ios7, I think I will wait for ios8.

NJ said...

Same issues with iphone 5 , tried to restore and tried everything that i found on the internet. Still error 3. Any help appreciated

Aung SweOo said...

It's look like hardware issue, have tried every possible way, also hardware technician gave up.

Mike J. Cantero said...

Numerous iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini clients gripe about "iTunes Error 3194″ while restoring or upgrading their iOS firmware to most recent one or latest utilizing SHSH blobs.
Really, there are numerous iTunes errors that happen distinctively on diverse circumstances. Assume, you are attempting to settle Error 3194 and getting mistake 4014 or blunder 1600, 1601. Numerous clients get failure 11 and lapse 37 while altering blunder 3194. Thus, the circumstances may be distinctive in every last case.

Aung SweOo said...

Good news for everyone who are having restore error3 with their ios device, my ipad4(3g) was having restore error3 with ios 7.1. Now that ios8 come out i restore ipad4(3g) to ios 8 and "VoilĂ " its working now, so if you are having error3 and unable to restore previously, now is the time to try with ios8, go grab your device and try now.

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