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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

CopyLess For Mac - Enlarge The Clipboard Of Your Mac

CopyLess For Mac - Enlarge The Clipboard Of Your Mac

Which shortcuts do you use most frequently? The answer is clear – Ctrl+V and Ctrl+C. If we take away these two shortcuts the efficiency and speed of any person who works with computers will decrease significantly.

We use OS X clipboard pretty often and a lot of information passes through it. The best way would be store at least a big part of this information in a stack. But the problem is that a regular clipboard can store only the latest piece of information. If you want to save to clipboard another piece of information, the previous one will be deleted.But modern developers have solved this problem. There several apps that help you to enlarge your clipboard. Among them is CopyLess, the one I’d like to tell you about.

The first thing you notice about this app is that its icon looks pretty much the same as that of Adobe. In general, design is not the most attractive part of this application. But at the same time it’s not the most important one either. Let’s talk about the functional of the app.

CopyLess always works in a background mode and saves everything that goes to the clipboard. The maximum size of a stack is 100 notes. In order to launch the start window you may use Shift+Cmd+V shortcut. The app remembers the position it appeared last time and will appear in the same place on the screen. Alongside with each note there’s time and the icon of a program in which you pressed Ctrl+C. The most used information can be saved to Favorites and you may set shortcuts for these pieces. So this may become an alternative to regular copypasting of some useful information

Other important functions of the app include app search, insert without formatting, the move of the object into the beginning of the stack after each inserting, apps filter, multilanguage support. Also, you may find a Lite version of the CopyLess in the App Store. The only difference of this version from the full one is that it saves 10 notes instead of 100 in the main area and only 3 notes in the Favorites.
So if we take into consideration the functional of the app, then I can say that this is the best copypaste app so far. But still the developers might have paid a bit more attention to the design of the app.

Author's Bio: Eugene Rudenko is a tech writer for IT company Intellectsoft (To visit company's website click here). The company specializes in Android, iOS, Blackberry and WP development.

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