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Monday, July 2, 2012

ChromeMe Cydia Tweak - Open Safari Links In Chrome On iPad And iPhone

ChromeMe Cydia Tweak - Open Safari Links In Chrome On iPad And iPhone


Recently during the Google I/O which is the biggest event of Google where new product launches are made and where software upgrades are announced. The three day event attract the developers Media globally to know more about Google's current year standing and about Google's future. Google launched many new products during the I/O. One of them was Google Chrome of iOS and Google Drive. 

Google Chrome as the world know is the fastest browser and has recently emerged from nothing to the wold's most popular browser. However coming launching an app in iOS market can sometimes be a tiring and quite a bad job. Apple's sever restrictions on no downloading via browser and many other restrictions act as hindrance in attaining the maximum potential of Google chrome. Also, there is no method by which a user can open safari links in Chrome other than copying the link and then launching the app Chrome.

This new cydia tweak ChromeMe lets you open safari links link into the chrome simply by adding a button open in chrome so you no longer have to rely on safari if you don't link it much. Open the page and simply tap on more which gives you the option of opening the link in Google Chrome. There are no settings to configure for this tweak and once you install it you can see an extra option in the safari browser.


The developer Nobitazzz has also worked on other tweaks for Cydia like : 
  • InstaFacebok For NotificationCenter
  • InstaTwiter For NotificationCenter
  • Notification Lunar Calendar
  • FacebookThis
  • InstaSocial For Notification Center
  • Voice Tweet
  • iOS6 Photos Menu
  • Animated ICS LockScreen & HomeScreen
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

VoiceSearch For iPhone - Cydia Tweak To Activate Gogole Voice From Anywhere

VoiceSearch For iPhone - Cydia Tweak To Activate Gogole Voice From Anywhere


This week has been raining cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad. With iOS6 around and Android's Jellybean, developers have begun experimenting and porting various tweaks over iPhones and iPads. The flexibility of jailbreaking allows uses to install any tweaks by tweaking around. Over 10 tweaks were released this week, some of them were most awaited like safari download manager for iOS5 and major update to animate boot logo app which is now animateall. In the midst of these tweaks, Google's jelly bean showed amazing google voice search integration. That was impressive.

Google voice integration into iOS would be amazing, wouldn't it be? Exactly! Cydia developer has just released a tweak that allows full integration of Google Voice into iOS iPhone. This tweak works irrespective of iOS version on any iPhone. There is no confirmation that this tweak works on iPad. Voice Search for iPhone is inspired from Android's Google voice search and is freely available in cydia.

Cydia Description
Search Google from anywhere using your voice! Configure with Activator.
More Tweaks from Guillermo Moran
  • Navigator
  • YBE Mobile
  • OSFaker
  • DSi4iPhone
  • ESRA
  • Esra Assistant
You can install VoiceSearch tweak from cydia which is free and enjoy google voice search anywhere in the app. Enjoy the tweak and let us know how you like it in the comments section below.

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LockWee Cydia Tweak For iPhone - Get Widgets On Lock Screen iOS5

LockWee Cydia Tweak For iPhone - Get Widgets On Lock Screen iOS5


There are various tweaks to customize the iOS home screen to have widgets using Dashboard x or you can have sbsettings to have widgets in notification center of iOS5. but there has been no tweaks to add widgets to lock screen of an iPhone. Although you can have sbsettings or widgets enabled in the notification center and use some cydia tweaks to show notification center even on the lock screen but what if you want the widgets right on your lock screen without having to pull down the notification center to check the widget? Always wanted to get more of your lock screen ?

LockWee is a new cydia tweak that allows you to have widgets on your lock screen beside the clock. The best part about lockwee is that it is fully customizable. You can now add now make you lock screen more useful by adding widgets. If you are a user who already has intelliscreen on your lock screen then do not purchase this tweak because lockwee is not compatible with intelliscreen as the latter has its own widgets on lock screen which will cause the system to crash and eventually landing into safe mode. You can also add sbsettings shorcuts like 3G or WiFi toggle on your lockscreen.

Cydia Description
With lockwee you can put widgets on your lock screen in an elegant way! If you need them just drag the time view aside and there you get your first widget repeat it to get the second one. All of them are fully interactive! If this tweak has dragging inside(like sbsetings) just drag from this middle area to interact with the widget or drag from the slide to move to the next widget! Also if you enable double tap to lock from settings app once you double tap on the sides the scrolling view will be locked and you won't be able to switch to the next widget!(double tap again to unlock)

Features Of LockWee
  • Set the screen to undim by timer
  • Add shadow to widgets
  • Add border to widgets
  • Fully customizable widgets
Developer Gil Ben Moshe has already contributed to Cydia with tweaks like:
  • HTCLock
  • DockColorize
  • Powerguard
Imp: LockWee is not compatible with intelliscreenX

You can purchase Lockwee from Cydia Store for $0.99 from Big Boss repository.

Lockwee-cydia-tweak lockwee-iPhon-tweak

cydia-lockwee-tweak lockwee-tweak-cydia

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Friday, June 29, 2012

AnimateAll HD For iPad And iPhone Animate Lockscreen Homescreen Notification Center

AnimateAll HD For iPad And iPhone Animate Lockscreen Homescreen Notification Center


If you have tried animate on your iPhone and iPod, you'll simply love the new cydia tweak AnimatAll. Animate for iPhone and iPad allowed users to have a boot animation logo which users liked alot and the tweak was downloaded in numbers. Animated boot logo came along with iOS5 where Apple's animated boot logo appears during the startup. This was soon ported into Chronic DevTeams Green Pois0n which had a stunning Apple logo turning into green pois0n logo.

Here comes the successor of Animate. AnimateAll cydia tweak not only allows you to have animated boot screen but you can now enjoy animated lock screen, home screen and also notification center. You simply add .png images to have an animation effect. To avoid memory failure, you can only set the same animation for lockscreen, homescreen and notification center. AnimateAll is available for iPhones and iPods where as for iPad there is AnimateAll HD.

AnimateAllCydia Description Animate your home screen and notification center with animation. This it the origianal! You can choose to enable or disable the animations that you want to see. Download one or more boot logo animation and set it in the preferences. Is compatible also with iPhone bootlogos. You can enable bootlogofor iPhone to dont stretch the bootlogo. Stretch for stretch and fullscreen for having a fullscreen for not having the bootlogo to stretch. If you use the same animation for home, and nc ram usuage is the same than using only one animation for this reason is not possible to set 2 different animation. It is compatible with most of the bootlogo animation. The animation must be composed from png file numbered from 0.png to If it inst compatible will be shown the default animation. Configuration options in settings app.

Other Cydia Tweaks And Applications From MPow
  • ChangingBackground
  • TenIconSwitcher for iPad
  • AnimateLockscreen
You can purchase AnimateAll from Cydia store for $1.00


The boot logo used in the below screenshots is from ICS and Galaxus

Animate All For iPhone and iPod Animateall-cydia-tweak


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Torch Cydia Tweak Brings Flashlight Shortcut On iPhone Lockscreen

Torch Cydia Tweak Brings Flashlight Shortcut On iPhone Lockscreen

Jailbreaking is fun and jailbreaking is more than fun when it comes to tweaks that are really helpful. Imagine yourself sitting in a room and there is sudden blackout. You try to turn on your iPhone and then launch camera and then turn on the flashlight to enlighten the room. What if an android guy makes a single tap on the lockscreen and the flashlight is on. Do you envy the android guy?

New jailbreak tweak Torch allows you to have a flashlight icon right on the lockscreen beside the clock. This can be helpful especially for those who stay in regions which are doomed to blackout very often. Torch as the name suggests works only on devices with flash light which would be iPhone4S and iPhone4. Torch can be downloaded from Cydia Modmyi repo for free. If you like torch, you can thank the developer by simply sending him a tweet : Ravirajm

Cydia Description :
Toggle LED Flash from the LockScreen. Only for iPhone4 and iPhone4S. Do you just hate it when the electricity in your house or any place goes down? And you need to launch the camera app and then toggle flashlight? Some people do want to toggle the flashlight super-quickly and easily. Especially in my country, where electricity goes down a dozen times. This tweak simply adds a flashlight toggle on the lockscreen next to the clock. Enable from settings app.
Torch Cydia tweak works for iPhone4S and iPhone4 and don't try installing it on iPad or iPod, that sounds silly :)



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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AlwaysArrange Cydia Tweak Download - Move Springboard Icons Without Wiggle

AlwaysArrange Cydia Tweak Download - Move Springboard Icons Without Wiggle

New Cydia Tweak AlwaysArrange allows you to move the icons on your springboard without waiting for the icons to start wiggling so that you can move them. AlwaysArrange is a free Cydia tweak from Modmyi repository that can be installed from Cydia for free.

AlwaysArrange tweak allows you to arrange your springboard icons without entering the wiggle mode, just tap and drag an icon. In the settings you can set the duration an icon should be tapped/held until it is movable. This tweak is ideally for you if you move the icons of your springboard alot.

Always Arrange is a jailbreak tweak that can only be installed after jailbreaking an iPhone. You can follow the various guides  for jailbreaking a device in the tutorial section.

AlwaysArrange Download - Cydia Tweak

Step 1 : launch Cydia
Step 2 : Go to the search tab
Step 3 : Type 'AlwaysArrange'
Step 4 : Download and confirm the installation
Step 5 : Respring your device.

That's it. You can now move the icons on your springboard without waiting for them to wiggle.


AlwaysArrange CydiaAlwaysArrange Tweak

Cydia tweak Always ArrangeAlways Arrange for iPhone4S

Always Arrange download

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Signal Booster For iPhone4S iPhone3GS Download - Network Booster For iPhone Signal

Signal Booster For iPhone4S iPhone3GS Download - Boost Your iPhone Signal

Thanks to the jailbreak developers, for working on Absinthe jailbreak tool so that we can enjoy third party applications and tweaks on our devices. There are tons of applications for jailbroken devices that can be installed over these devices including themes and applications that can enhance the user experience. Signal Booster is one such new tweak.

Signal Booster For iPhone

Signal Booster for iPhone4S

Signal Booster for iPhone lets basically resets your iPhone's network signal resulting in getting better network signal even when you are in indoor areas. Signal Booster is a live saver for those iPhone users who stay in indoors and require good network coverage. iPhone4 users initially were facing low signal which was patched by Apple in the upcoming models. Similarly iPhone3GS users who have upgraded their iPhone baseband to that of iPad's lost their GPS and were also facing low network coverage. Signal Booster app resets your signal so that your iPhone will show full preference to a new and stronger signal. It aims to give you the strongest possible voice/data signal at your current location.

Go for the best possible call quality and faster download times! Tell your iPhone to get back on the 3G network! It refreshes your wi-fi connection as well! Save time re-starting your iPhone or fiddling with utilities. Boost a weak signal with one touch!
Signal Booster is available from the Cydia Store for $0.99.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reveal Cydia Tweak For iPhone And iPad Shows Full Notifications

Reveal Cydia Tweak For iPhone And iPad Shows Full Notifications

Reveal for iPad3

Reveal For iPhone And iPad

A new Cydia Tweak has appeared in the store. Its called Reveal. Reveal is an awesome tweak that allows you to see the entire notification message instead of a snippet. This jailbreak tweak over-rides the native notification center of Apple. The native notification center for iOS shows 64 characters of the notification message only and the remaining can be seen by actually sliding down the notification center and then tapping on the notification to reveal the complete message.

Not anymore! Reveal Cydia tweak can be horizontally on the lockscreen notifications so that you don't need to open and check the entire message you can simply slide the text and it will show you the entire content of the notification. Notifications that appear on the springboard or in any app can be swiped vertically to reveal the complete message so that you save your time without visiting the particular application and then opening to reveal it.
Reveal for iPhone4SReveal for iPad

Application Description
Reveal allows you to view more text on notifications. Scroll horizontally on banners and vertically on lock screen bubbles to read more of the message. Tap lock screen table cells to expand the view.
  • Scrollable banners
  • Scrollable lock screen bubbles
  • Expandable lock screen cells
You can download Reveal from Cydia BigBoss Repository.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dashboard X For iPhone And iPad Now Available In Cydia

Download Dashboard X For iPhone And iPad To Add Widgets To Your SpringBoard

Dashboard X, is a new tweak application in Cydia for jailbroken devices. It allows you to add widgets to your springboard so that you have a convenience of using them with simple gestures. Dashboard x brings live widgets to your springboard and if you use notification center widgets for iOS then this app is highly recommended for your.

Dashboard X for iOS is developed by cjori works with existing notification center widgets and let's you place them on either the home screen or your dashboard!

Dashboard X Features
  • Full support for existing notification center widgets!
  • Place widgets on either the home screen along with your icons or on your dashboard which you can invoke with Activator
  • Move widgets around, place them wherever you want!
  • Also works with Dashboard X exclusive widgets

You can purchase Dashboard X from the Cydia Store for $1.99.

Screen Grabs

Dashboard X for iPad Dashboard X for iPhone

Dashboard-X Cydia Dashboard_X-Cydia

Dash Board X For iPhone Dash Board X For iPad

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Cydia Tweak VertaSwitch Brings Vertical App Switching - Verta Switch App Switcher

VertaSwitch Cydia Tweak Brings Vertical App Switching On iOS

Cydia Tweak Verta Switch

VertaSwitch Cydia tweak brings vertical app switching on iOS. VertaSwitch does the same job which Aero does. However VertaSwitch can only do vertical switching and the best part of VertaSwitch is that it is a free Cydia tweak and Aero is a paid app switcher tweak. VertaSwitch basically switches apps in vertically replacing Apple's default horizontal switching.

App Description
A cool tweak that switches your apps vertically instead horizontally.
vertaswitch app switcher

VertaSwitch can be downloaded from BigBoss repository in Cydia.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Enhance YouTube Streaming Speed On iPhone And iPad By Installing TCP Optimizer - Cydia Tweak

Cydia Tweak - TCP Optimizer Increases YouTube Streaming Speed On iOS Device

Do you spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and streaming music ? This tweak might come handy to you. TCP optimizer enhances the youtube streaming by loading the video quickly. Once you install TCP optimizer, you no longer need to wait for the videos in YouTube to load. The streaming speed will be increased to almost double and you will no longer need to wait for long hours for the videos to load.

To install TCP optimizer you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod and then add pushfix repository in your device. Follow the instructions below to install the free tweak TCP optimizer on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Step 1 : Launch Cydia and go to Manage tab

Step 2 : Select Sources from the Manage tab and then select edit and add the following repo:

Step 3 : Once Cydia updates the list of sources, go to the search tab and enter the following:

TCP Optimizer

Step 4: Close Cydia and launch YouTube to check the change in speed.

Jailbreaking is amazing. It lets you install various tweaks and test them on your iOS devices. Once you jailbreak your iOS device you can install various applications from Cydia that can optimize the performance and change the UI of your iPhone.

You can also try these recent amazing tweaks on your iPhone or iPod or iPad

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

SwipeBright For iOS Lets You Control The Brightness By Swiping the Status Bar

Control The Brightness Of Your iOS Device Just Like Android Using SwipeBright

Its very simple to change the screen brightness of an android phone. All you need to do is swipe the status bar and the brightness will be increased. This feature is presently not available in iPhone. The only possible way to change the brightness in iPhone is by going to settings and then adjusting the brightness. Also, if you are using a jailbroken device then you can install SBsettings that enables toggles which are simple and handy to use. But still its not as easy as a simple swipe like in the case of Android..

SwipeBright is a new Cydia tweak that enables you to change the brightness of your iOS device, iPhone, iPad or an iPod with a swiping gesture. This is exactly like an android device swiping. All you need to do is, install the tweak from Cydia and change the settings that suits you the best. SwipeBright is a simple to use and extremely useful tweak that's very handy in your busy day life. SwipeBright allows the users to control the brightness of the screen with simple swipe gestures on the status bar. Swiping from left to right would increase the brightness and to reduce the brightness swipe from right side of the status bar to the left.

SwipeBright is a simple tweak that allows you to adjust your brightness instantly from any application. Just swipe your finger horizontally across the status bar to quickly change the brightness to any level - BigBoss

The  configurable settings for SwipeBright are as follows:

  • Enable : To enable to disable the tweak
  • Restrict To Springboard : If you turn this one, Swipebright will work only when you are at the home screen and will not work if you are in an application.
  • Deadzone : This refers to the sensitivity of the swipe. Higher deadzone means you must slide your finger more to start changing the brightness.

SwipeBright is available in Cydia BigBoss repository for $0.99

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Winterboard Gets An Update - New Improvements & Fixed Various Bugs

Saurik Pushes New Update To Winterboard Fixing Various Bugs And Few Improvements

Top Cydia Apps for iPhone and iPAds

Saurik, the developer of Cydia has pushed a new update to fix various issues of winterboard and has also implemented some new improvements to it. Winterboard is an advanced theming platform for jailbreakers. You can install new themes using Cydia and change the entire user interface. New themes, ringtones, soundboards can be applied to iOS device using winterboard. In order to us winterboard you should jailbreak your device. Only jailbroken devices can install winterboard as Cydia is a third party application and Apple does not allow installing third party applications. Follow the guide to jailbreak your iOS Device

Top cydia app winterboard Best Winterboard Themes

What's New In This Version:
0.9.3905: April 16, 2012
● Fix BadgeStyle Regression in 3904

0.9.3904: April 15, 2012
● 5.x Solve SpringBoard Scroll Lag (only with "SummerBoard Mode" off)
● Default SummerBoard Mode to Off
● 4+5: TimeStyle, PerPage, IconAlpha
● 4+5: Respring Fix
● 5.x: Last Ditch kill -KILL Respring
● 4+5: HTML Wallpaper Multi-Touch
● 2+3: Fixed SpringBoard Crashes
● Corrected Order of UISound Stack
● Use Fallback/* to Wildcard Theme

You can install or update winterboard by launching Cydia.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Curiosa - Cydia App Update Notifier / Background Updater

Curiosa - Notifications and Background updates for Cydia.

Do you remember Tweak Week ? The developer to initiated this challenge and submitted numerous cool tweaks for Cydia was Ryan Petrich aka @rpetrich Ryan Petrich has been a great source of contribution to Cydia applications. The latest to come from him is Curiosa . Curiosa can be used for updating Cydia aplications and to receive notifications for various Cydia apps. Curiosa is still in Beta state and Ryan has released a beta version for the app for public and it can be downloaded from his repository. To get this app on your iOS device, launch Cydia and add the following repository.

To Add The Repository

  1. Launch Cydia and got to Manage tab
  2. Select Sources from Manage tab
  3. Tap on edit and then add the repository
  4. From manage sources, select Repository
  5. Finally from the list of applications select and install Curiosa

Best Cydia Tweaks
Step 1
Best Cydia Sources
Step 2 & 3

Cydia apps for ipad
Step 4
Cydia top sources
Step 5

Best cydia apps

You can set preferences for Curiosa to update hourly, every two hours, every six hours, daily, manually, or after respring. A manual refresh can be performed using Activator Events. Curiosa will show update notifications for packages that are installed and those that match the specified keywords.

                             TweakWeek was an open invitation to the jailbreak Cydia app developers to contribute and express their work in a unique way. Best Cydia tweaks were released during this event. Top cydia developers got themselves involved in releasing top and best cydia applications for fame as the condition for this event was the applications should be open source that means the developers won't get paid for anything but just demonstration of their skills in making best possible cydia applications and releasing them for free. Developers added their applications on their own repositories known as cydia sources. The rules for TweakWeek were as follows:
  1. The Developer should release daily 1 tweak for Seven Days
  2. The release should be an open source tweak and shouldn't be a paid one
  3. All work must be done on the day of the release it self.
TweakWeek was very successfull and we got to see and experience new tweak for 9 weeks, that's 63 New Tweaks. The developers who contributed to TweakWeek are as follows:

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