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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Complete Guide : Apple TV 2G Jailbreak Using Seas0nPass

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 2G Using Seas0nPass For Windows

apple tv 2g jailbreak using seas0npass

Apple released 2nd generation apple tv along with the launch of iPad 3 or the new ipad. The new apple tv can play 1080 HD movies and you can play movies and videos from Netflix. You can rent or buy from thousands of movies and buy from thousands of TV episodes in top-quality 1080p HD from the iTunes Store. Enjoy your music and photos from iCloud. Stream from your iOS devices via AirPlay. Features 802.11n Wi-Fi and Apple Remote.

The following step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the jailbreak process on Windows.

IMP : This is a tethered jailbreak. 

Before we begin, download the latest version of Seas0nPass : Here

Step 1: Extract the files from the archive and launch Seas0nPass

Step 2: Select create IPSW.

jailbreaking apple tv 2g using seasonpass

Seas0nPasss will now download the latest version of Apple TV Firmware and create a custom IPSW for your apple tv.

how to jailbreak apple tv 2g using seasonpass

apple tv 2g

Step 3:  Once custom iPSW is created, connect your apple tv to the computer and follow the instructions carefully to enter into dfu mode. It might take a few tries to enter dfu. To enter dfu mode, hold menu and play pause button for 7 seconds. 

seas0npass jailbreak for apple tv 2g on windows

Step 4 : Once your apple tv is detected, Seas0nPass will upload some files into apple tv and the installation of custom iPSW will be complete.  

jailbreak apple tv

Step 5 : Launch Seas0nPass and click on Boot Tethered option. Follow the instructions to enter DFU mode by holding down menu and play-pause button for 7 seconds. Seas0nPass will run some files and boot up your apple tv.

apple tv dfu mode new seasonpass jailbreak for apple tv 5.0

Seas0nPass Jailbreak For Windows

Jailbreak Complete

The Author Of This Article is Ehhmad

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To Jailbreak iPhone 3GS On 5.1 Using Redsn0w On Windows

How To Jailbreak iOS 5.1 On iPhone 3GS Using Redsn0w For Windows

Earlier this month, apple pushed new iOS update 5.1 with some updates like Sir for iPhone 4S in Japanese language, setup assistant bug fix, some battery issues and some general updates like the permanent camera button on the lockscreen. Some iPhone users have already updated their devices to iOS 5.1 through OTA update.

This  method will update your iPhone baseband so if you rely on unlock then you should follow the tutorial that helps you upgrade your iPhone without updating the baseband here. This is a tethered jailbreak which means that every time your iPhone restarts you'll have to connect it to the computer and run redsn0w.

Take a back up of your iPhone before beginning.
Before we begin, make sure you download the current iOS 5.1 and the latest version of redsn0w.

Download link for redsn0w :
Download link for iOS 5.1 :

Place the downloaded files in a folder on your desktop. You need to extract the files from redsn0w archive.

how to jailbreak iphone 3gs using redsn0w on ios 5.1

Upgrading iPhone to iOS 5.1

Skip this step if your device is already on iOS 5.1. launch iTunes and wait for your iPhone to appear in the left side of iTunes. For the list of devices, select your device and by pressing down the shift key, click on restore button and point the iOS 5.1 firmware that you have downloaded on your dektop to iTunes. iTunes will start upgrading your device to iOS 5.1

jailbreaking iphone 3gs on ios 5.1 using redsn0w

If you followed the above steps exactly as mentioned, your iPhone should be upgraded to iOS 5.1


Once your iPhone is upgraded to iOS 5.1, launch redsn0w by right clicking on the application and selecting 'Run as administrator' because redsn0w requires higher permission level to jailbreak your iPhone.

how to jailbreak iphone 3gs on windows

jailbreak ios 5.1 using redsn0w on windows

Connect your iPhone to the computer and select the option 'jailbreak'

step by step guide to jailbreak iphone 3gs on ios 5.1

Turn off your iPhone and click next.

jailbreak ios 5.1 on windows using redsn0w

Follow the onscreen instructions carefully to enter DFU mode.

Instructions For Getting Into DFU Mode
  • Switch off your iPhone
  • Hold the power button for 3 seconds
  • Now, without releasing the power button also press and hold the home button for 10 seconds.
  • Without releasing the home button, release the power button but continue holding the home button until your device enters DFU mode and you redsn0w automatically detects it.
jailbreak iphone 3gs 5.1 using redsn0w

how to jailbreak iphone 3gs using redsn0w

what is jailbreaking and is it legal

If you followed the above steps correctly, redsn0w will reboot your iPhone and will begin the jailbreak process. 

jailbreak iphone 3gs help how to boot tethered on ios 5.1
Now select Cydia to complete the jailbrekeak process
how to boot tethered only 

Tethered Boot

Remember that this is a tethered jailbreak and you'll have to connect your iPhone to computer everytime your iPhone restarts. Follow the below process to boot tethered, ever time your iPhone restarts.

Step 1: Select Extras and click next

how to get dfu on iphone 3gs

Step 2: Select Just boot from the extras menu to boot your iPhone.

getting into dfu on iphone 3gs

That's it. You are done with jailbreaking and booting iPhone into tethered mode.

To restore iPhone from a saved back up, follow this guide

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