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Sunday, June 17, 2012

iOS6 Maps Ported To iPhone4 3D iOS6 Maps Running On iPhone4

iOS6 Maps Ported To iPhone4 3D iOS6 Maps Running On iPhone4

About iOS6
iOS6Maps3DenablerThe best release of WWDC 2012 was the iOS6 which brought over 200 new features including major updates to Siri, Maps and Mail application. Apple is planning to release iOS6 along with iPhone5 during September along with the iPhone5. Although we are excited about iPhone5 release, we are more infatuated towards exploring the the iOS6 that will be running on the iPhone5 along with iPad3, iPad2, iPhone4S, iPhone4, iPhone3GS and iPod Touch 4 and 5. We have already discussed few features of iOS6. We are also going to make a comprehensive list of almost every new feature of iOS6.

iOS6 Maps
Talking about iOS6, how can we ignore the most noticeable change in Apple's next operating system for smartphones and tablets. Apple has taken it war with Android by removing Google Maps from iOS6 and by adding native mapping application which will feature a new 3D innovative method of navigation and getting directions for your destination. 3D maps can save a lot of your time by allowing you to have a direct view of where you want to go instead of showing street names. iOS6 maps are deeply integrated into Siri so you can ask siri for directions to a certain place and siri will pop open the maps application and once you select the route, you get turn by turn voice indications so you reach your destination safely. The best thing about the new iOS6 maps is the live traffic monitoring. Suppose you are on a route that has 25mins ETA, iOS6 maps will automatically update the ETA in case of any traffic or accident on that route. That's simply amazing!
iOS6 Maps Running On iPhone4
German website, iguides has posted a video demonstrating iOS6 maps successfully ported on iPhone4. The Russian developer, Anton Titkov (iTony) was able to download the files that are required for iOS maps and ported them on to an iPhone4. Its definite that certain features of iOS6 maps would not work on older devices like an iPhone4 because of the limitations in processor task handling. Tony has created an application called 3DEnabler that will allows 3D rendering on iPhone4 so iOS6 maps can be fully functional on iPhone4 as well. It seems to work pretty well in the video. lets have a look:

How To Get iOS6 Maps On iPhone4

Here are the instruction on how to get iOS6 maps on iPhone4 running on iOS6. Yes that's correct. You need to be on iOS6 to run Maps. The instructions are quite complicated for a noob. You need to have basic know-how about SSH. We have not tested this and do not take any responsibly in what soever way.

Step 1 : Download the following .deb file that will install the iOS6 maps application files that are necessary.

Step 2 : For SSH, enter: apt-get update after update, enter:apt-get install mobilesubstrate via FTP then load the deb file to your device via SSH and enter:dpkg-I putkfaylu / nazvaniefayla Do respring or reboot.

Alternate Method: 
Step 1 : Open notepad and add the following in it "" 

Step 2 : Save the new file as "iguides.list

Step 3 : Download 3DEnabler from iguides repository 

Step 4 : Launch SSH console and  enter: apt-get update after update, enter: apt-get install com.alpden.3denabler 

Step 5 : Download files via FTP and save them to the following directory in your iPhone4 =>  
/etc/apt /sources.list.d 

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