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Monday, April 30, 2012

Apple Vs Android - Companies Prefer Apple's iOS Over Google's Android

Apple's iOS vs Google's Android - OS Wars

Earlier we discussed that Apple generates more revenue than Android and Amazon. Seems like Apple is the most preferred mobile and tablet brand by corporates and companies. Its not just the flexibility that we are considering here in comparing the two Giants of Mobile operating platforms. We are taking into consideration the reliability, overall performance of device including software and hardware, application support on the device, how often it crashes, popularity among general population, stability.

If the above attributes are taken into consideration, any one with basic knowledge about smart phones can say that Apple is the best and iPhone 4S and iPad 3 is the pinnacle where technology meets excellence. The benefits of using iOS and how well it is integrated with other Apple products takes the overall experience to a next level. The article published on Apple's website - iPhone At Work gives and insight on how to organize your business life by using an iPhone.The following is the listing of most popular device.

According to a press release by Good technology, as per a survey conducted by them on most activated tablet and smartphone. The survey showed surprising results. There is no comparison between activation that take place for iOS devices when compared with Android. iOS activation are far more compared to android. Most activations take place for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. From the below chat, it is very clear that iOS leads the market with highest number of activations. What's astonishing is that Google's Android is no where in comparison to Apple's iOS.

Android Tablet vs iOS Tablet - Apple Smartphone vs Android Smartphone

So even after segregating the total figures into Tablet and Smartphone, we can see that iOS Smartphone is leading the market followed by iOS tablet and then Android smartphone. From the above comparison, its very clear that Apple is indeed the market leader and is more preferred over Android.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Women Uses Empty Beer Bottles To Smuggle 216 iPhones

Women Caught Smuggling iPhones By Hiding Them In Beer Bottles

What would you do after a long and tiring day ? Have a bottle of beer and crash into bed ? Well, a women in China found a way to reuse the beer bottles. This smart lady managed to cut the beer bottle into half and hide two iPhones in a dark cover and then pasted the bottle back...Smart and innovative way of smuggling huh!
How to jailbreak the new ipad 3

Police in China caught a women who tried to smuggle 216 iPhones by hiding them in empty beer bottles. According to the police the smuggling was very well planned and initiated and was carried out in a neat way. Selling empty beer bottles and earning money is common but cops found some of the bottles to be very heavy and they even observed a black plastic tape inside the bottle that grew the suspicion. After a little search, cops discovered that the beer bottles were cut into half in a professional way so that the glass doesnt crack and then 3 iPhones were kept inside the bottle wrapped in a tape.

Have a look at the video:

Whoever did this smuggling, had spend a lot on cutting the bottles in half without getting a crack on them. According to the police the women was planning to smuggle the iPhones from Hong Kong to Shenzhen by crossing the border. Seems like smuggling in China is becoming more and more challenging than ever with police being proactive and quickly taking any suspicious activity to quarantine. These 216 iPhones included iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sn0wbreeze For iOS 5.1 - Complete Guide To Install iOS 5.1 Without Updating Baseband Using Sn0wbreeze

Use Sn0wbreeze To Update iOS 5.1 Without Updating Baseband - Step-By-Step Guide

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Max Payne Now Available For iPhone, iPad And Android

Max Payne Updated Version To Support Retina Display Released

Best iPad and iPhone games
Rockstar Games

Last we discussed that Rockstar Games is planning to make a big updated release of the game Max Payne

Rockstar Games has launched Max Payne on iOS on 12th of April. Until now Grand Theft Auto was a huge success for the company who have decided to invest further into iOS gaming. Apple iOS market platform offers developers a wide area to attract the customers in various categories like Gaming, Photography, Audio&Video, Entertainment, Spirituality etc. iOS developers enjoy a full 70% of the revenue generated by iAds that are displayed on the iPhones and iPads and iPods.
Top iPad and iPhone games
Max Payne Preview
Rockstar Games is proud to announce that Max Payne Mobile is now available on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. As the first game to feature Bullet Time®, Max Payne is universally acclaimed for delivering addictive run-and-gun gameplay with gripping noir storytelling.

"Max Payne was the original cinematic action-shooter," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. "We're really proud to bring its intense gunplay and dark story to mobile devices. Remedy did an amazing job with this game and it still feels fresh today.”

The full classic Max Payne experience, Max Payne Mobile has been optimized for iOS devices, featuring HD graphics, high-resolution textures, Social Club connectivity and user-customizable controls.

iTunes Direct Link

More Info

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Curiosa - Cydia App Update Notifier / Background Updater

Curiosa - Notifications and Background updates for Cydia.

Do you remember Tweak Week ? The developer to initiated this challenge and submitted numerous cool tweaks for Cydia was Ryan Petrich aka @rpetrich Ryan Petrich has been a great source of contribution to Cydia applications. The latest to come from him is Curiosa . Curiosa can be used for updating Cydia aplications and to receive notifications for various Cydia apps. Curiosa is still in Beta state and Ryan has released a beta version for the app for public and it can be downloaded from his repository. To get this app on your iOS device, launch Cydia and add the following repository.

To Add The Repository

  1. Launch Cydia and got to Manage tab
  2. Select Sources from Manage tab
  3. Tap on edit and then add the repository
  4. From manage sources, select Repository
  5. Finally from the list of applications select and install Curiosa

Best Cydia Tweaks
Step 1
Best Cydia Sources
Step 2 & 3

Cydia apps for ipad
Step 4
Cydia top sources
Step 5

Best cydia apps

You can set preferences for Curiosa to update hourly, every two hours, every six hours, daily, manually, or after respring. A manual refresh can be performed using Activator Events. Curiosa will show update notifications for packages that are installed and those that match the specified keywords.

                             TweakWeek was an open invitation to the jailbreak Cydia app developers to contribute and express their work in a unique way. Best Cydia tweaks were released during this event. Top cydia developers got themselves involved in releasing top and best cydia applications for fame as the condition for this event was the applications should be open source that means the developers won't get paid for anything but just demonstration of their skills in making best possible cydia applications and releasing them for free. Developers added their applications on their own repositories known as cydia sources. The rules for TweakWeek were as follows:
  1. The Developer should release daily 1 tweak for Seven Days
  2. The release should be an open source tweak and shouldn't be a paid one
  3. All work must be done on the day of the release it self.
TweakWeek was very successfull and we got to see and experience new tweak for 9 weeks, that's 63 New Tweaks. The developers who contributed to TweakWeek are as follows:

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Max Payne Coming Soon To iPhone And iPad

Max Payne Arriving To iOS This April

Max Payne For iPhone 4S

Rockstar Games is planning to launch Max Payne on iOS on 12th of April. The news comes from Macrumors. Until now Grand Theft Auto was a huge success for the company who have decided to invest further into iOS gaming. Apple iOS market platform offers developers a wide area to attract the customers in various categories like Gaming, Photography, Audio&Video, Entertainment, Spirituality etc. iOS developers enjoy a full 70% of the revenue generated by iAds that are displayed on the iPhones and iPads and iPods.

Max Payne for The new iPad 3

Following the success of Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar is all set to re-launch Max Payne for iOS. The updated version of the game would mostly be optimized for the Hi-Res Retina Display of The New iPad and for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Updated Feature List:

  • Optimized for iOS & Android
  • HD Graphics
  • Hi-Res Textures
  • Social Club Connectivity
  • User Customizable Controls

For More Info

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

iPhone 4S To Launch With 5 Different Carriers Soon

iPhone 4S To Launch With 5 Regional Carrier Support

iPhone 4S is the most amazing iPhone yet, packed with incredible features including Apple's dual-core A5 chip for blazing fast performance and stunning graphics; an all-new camera with advanced optics; full 1080p HD resolution video recording; and Siri, an intelligent assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. iPhone 4S comes with iOS 5.1, the world's most advanced mobile operating system; and iCloud, a breakthrough set of free cloud services that work with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC to automatically and wirelessly store your content in iCloud and push it to all your devices.

iPhone 4S  will be launched in 5 different carriers soon. Earlier it was At&t and then came Verizon followed by sprint. A total of five regional U.S. carrier announced on Wednesday that they will begin selling Apple's iPhone on April 20. These 5 carriers are as follows:

- nTelos Wireless (Virginia)
- Alaska Communications (Alaska)
- Appalachian Wireless (Kentucky)
- GCI (Alaska)
- Cellcom (Wisconsin)

Alaska Communications 

Alaska Communications today serves the fastest growing segment of users - data dependent consumers and enterprises - and leverages its legacy as a local telephone company to support its wireless and enterprise data network.  Alaska Communications participates in the consumer market primarily through its wireless data and voice product line. The company's network coverage extends from the North Slope to the Southeast panhandle, complemented by data and voice roaming partnerships in the Lower 48 and Canada, enabling us to offer nationwide plans identical to those offered by the biggest brands in the industry.

iphone 4s with gci network carrier plan


nTelos Wireless is a leading provider of wireless communications services to consumers and businesses in select areas of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Offering dependable high-speed nationwide coverage and all the latest devices and smartphones.

alaska communications iPhone 4s plans
ntelos iPhone 4s carrier plans


GCI is the largest telecommunications company in Alaska. A pioneer in bundled services, GCI is the top provider of voice, data, and video services to Alaska consumers with a 70 percent share of the consumer broadband market. GCI is also the leading provider of communications services to enterprise customers, particularly large enterprise customers with complex data networking needs

cellcom iphone 4s carrier plans
"We are pleased to offer iPhone for our customers throughout the state of Alaska," said GCI president and CEO Ron Duncan. "We have invested over $2 billion to bring the latest communication technology to Alaska. From Ketchikan to Kotzebue and everywhere in between, our customers can now use iPhone on the largest and fastest network in the state."

appalachian iphone 4s carrier plans


Cellcom is a wireless communications company dedicated to hometown values and outstanding customer service. We provide wireless solutions that help people stay connected around the world right from their very own backyard.

gci iPhone 4s connection plans

With these 5 carriers all set to launch iPhone 4S, iPhone sales are going to set a new milestone by selling the most number of devices. 

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

High School Kids Use iPhones 3 Times More Than The General Population

High School Kids Use iPhones 3 Times More Than Adults Do

According to a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray of 5,600 U.S. high school students, 34% of own an iPhone, an all-time high in the survey and double the percentage seen just a year ago. Furthermore, 40% of surveyed students indicated that they intend to purchase an iPhone within the next six months.

how to
"In our most recent survey the percentage of teens that own an iPhone came in at 34%, up from 23% in the Fall and 17% last Spring. We believe the meaningful uptick in iPhone ownership among teens may be driven by the cheaper $49 iPhone 3GS (in some cases free). Interest in purchasing an iPhone in the next 6 months rose to 40% (another all-time high vs. our previous surveys). Purchase intent was at 38% in our last survey in the Fall."

iphone for students

In our Spring 2012 survey, 34% of students owned a tablet computer (same percentage as iPhones), up from 29% in Fall 2011 and 22% last Spring. Of those tablet owners, 70% owned iPads, 19% owned Android tablets, and 11% owned Kindle Fires. 53% of iPad owners also owned an iPhone, demonstrating the halo effect of entry devices like the iPhone.

Seems like apple did revolutionized the entire PC era into a post PC era where smart phones and tablets are used more than computers and tablets.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Custom Application Switcher - Aero For iPhone, iPod And iPad

Aero - The Custom Application Switcher For iOS Now Available In Cydia Store

aero application switcher for iphone

Aero is a custom app switcher for iOS devices that replaces the boring default multitasking gestures of your iOS device. From the makers of Deck, ActionBoard, ColorBanner, Aero features amazing multitasking switch modes that can be easily configured in settings. The animation modes for switching include Linear, CoverFlow, Rotary, Wheel, Cylinder, and Time Machine.

Lets have a look at the video:


  Tired of the old native multitasking bar? Switch it up with a stylish, fluid alternative.

custom app switcher aero for iphone 4s aero for iphone 3gs

how to use aero application switcher best cydia tweak for iOS 5.1

Aero is available in Cydia Store for $1.99 

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Djay For iPhone Gets Updated

Djay App Updated For iPhone - Gets Improved Effects and Fixed BPM Issues

djay for iphone gets updated

Djay transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a full-fledged portable DJ system and seamlessly integrates with your music library, giving you direct access to all your favorite tracks and playlists. With a simple rotation of your iPhone or iPod touch, djay’s intuitive dual turntable setup beautifully morphs to each turntable individually, allowing you to beat-match, adjust EQs, loop, and cue with even greater precision and control.

What's New in Version 1.2.2
- Fixed BPM info not being saved in library
- Fixed echo effect not being reset
- Improved effects

music mixing app djay for iphone gets updated to 1.2.2

music dj app for iphone djay gets updated

iPhone app djay gets updated to 1.2.2

With unprecedented ease-of-use and innovative multi-touch mixing features, djay for iPhone & iPod touch brings DJing to the next level, offering a unique experience for beginners and professionals alike—all in your pocket.

Features Of Djay

✔Direct access to music library on your iPhone or iPod touch
✔ Hyper-realistic low-latency turntable interface
✔ Exclusive landscape and portrait (single deck) modes
✔ Automix mode
✔ Automatic beat and tempo matching (BPM sync)
✔ Audio FX: Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher, Filter (High Pass, Low Pass)
✔ Looping: Auto, Manual, and Bounce
✔ Cue Point Trigger
✔ Live Recording
✔ Pre-Cueing with headphones (using optional Griffin DJ Cable)
✔ High-quality scratching
✔ Pitch-Bend
✔ Mixer, tempo, and EQ controls
✔ iCloud integration
✔ AirPlay integration
✔ Support for Numark's iDJ Live MIDI Controller
✔ Support for all major audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF (no support for DRM protected songs)
✔ Fully optimized for iOS multitasking and background operation

new improved djay for iphonedj music app for iphone djay gets an update

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iSleepWell Automatically Switches Into Airplane Mode When Its Placed Face Down

iOS Tweak To Automatically Switch Your iPhone Into Airplane Mode

Developer xvolks is not new to jailbreak and cydia tweaks. His contribution to Corona jailbreak is widely appreciated. There used to be some issue with the jailbreak that disabled iBooks in jailbroken iOS devices. Xvolks patch made iBooks work on iOS deivices. His work on iBooks can be seen here.

cydia tweak iSleepwell for iPhone

iSleepWell is a tweak by Xvolks that has just hit Cydia and brings with it a feature set that attempts to give the user a good night sleep. The application uses a simple method of deactivating all radios, in other words, setting Airplane mode to on through a simple detection routine.


iSleepWell is useful to turn airplane mode ON when going to bed (for example) by just putting your iDevice beside you on the screen side. It detects that position and turns off all radios. You can sleep without being disturb by unsolicited calls and you are not bombarded by negative waves. Many parameters can be changed. iOS devices comes built in with a number of hardware sensors that can detect the orientation of the phone, allowing certain things to happen for each state it may be in. iSleepWell uses this hardware capability and turns off all radios when the device is placed screen down on a surface.

cydia app review iSleepwell

Features Of iSleepWell:

Enabled : if ON (default), iSleepWell will detect the sleep position and react as expected. If OFF, it does nearly nothing except waiting to go ON.

Play Sound : when the airplane mode is about to be triggered the device says Airplane mode enabled. This let you put it on the right side to prevent the mode change.
When you take back the device in your hand, the device says Back to normal.
If OFF, no sound is played.

Vibrate : when airplane mode is actually changed, the device vibrates if ON.

Scan interval : iSleepWell polls the accelerometer state each X seconds : 5 and 10 are good choices.

Screen down : by default you have to put the device on the screen to trigger the airplane mode. you can change that behavior by setting this switch to OFF. Useful to test and see the plane too...

Active on sleep mode : when you let your device without using it at all, it goes to suspend state and the applications receive no CPU time from iOS. This switch set to ON awakes to device every 15 minutes to check if the position have changed. So turning your device may not trigger the airplane mode right now if it is in hibernation. This will consume very few battery.
You can set it to OFF if you fear for your battery, but I did not notice significant change.

Disable on manual change : if you set Airplane mode by yourself (when you are aboard a plane ;)), iSleepWell will detect this state and will disable itself until you reenables the radios by yourself.
Setting this to OFF, will let iSleepWell to reenable the radios. It's safer to let this to ON.

Prevent from running : if set to ON, iSleepWell will exit completely and will be unable to do anything. The only ways to relaunch it is to respring or reboot the device after putting this toggle to OFF.

You can get iSleepWell from the Cydia Store for $0.99.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This iOS Tweak Lets You Attach Files to iMessages

Attacher Tweak Enables File Transfer Via iMessages

how to untethered jailbreak ios 5.1

Apple added over 200 updates when it released iOS 5. One of those 200 updates is the application iMessage. This application enables any iOS user to communicate with any other iOS user via messages. The good thing is,  iMessage is free and the bad news is that you cannot attach anything other than images through iMessages. 

Dany Lisiansky, a cydia app developer has created a tweak that enables sending any file through iMessages.

Features of Attacher
  • Send and Receive any attachment with iMessage 
  • Open any received attachment. 
  • Attach and send any type of file. 
  • Record and attach voice memos. 
  • "Listen before attaching" switch in Settings > Attacher. 
  • Customize voice memo's name in Settings > Attacher.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Siri Is Used By 87% Of iPhone 4S Owners Every Month

Over 87% Of iPhone 4S Owners Use Siri Every Month 

functions of Siri
Your Wish Is My Command - Siri

Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. Siri is so easy to use and does so much, you’ll keep finding more and more ways to use it.

According to a survey performed by Parks associates, most of the iPhone 4S owners use Siri for calling and messaging purpose. However, the functionality of Siri is not limited to calling or messaging. Users can set alarms, schedule meetings or set reminders based on geo-location which reminds you when you pass through that particular location. A very low proportionate of iPhone 4S owners use Siri for playing music and scheduling appointments but 35-40% of them of unaware of such features of Siri.

Siri functions for iPhone4s siri voice recognition for iphone 4s
Here is the list of functions that can be handled by Siri:

  • Sending messages
  • Making Calls
  • Searching for Anything (Just ask her and she'll respond)
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Setting reminders
  • Playing music
  • Speaking messages
  • Checking the weather
  • Stock Exchange
Features of Siri personal assistant for iPhone4s siri help for iphone 4s

Siri is still in the beta stage of development yet powerful. Apple could be releasing the final version of it with few major updates in the upcoming model of the New iPhone5 in October 2012.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

iH8sn0w Claims To Have Downgraded His iPad 2 From iOS 5.1 To 5.0.1

All A5 or A5X Devices Can Be Downgraded According To iH8sn0w

iH8sn0w tweeted today that he was able to downgrade his iPad 2 firmware from iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.0.1. He says that it is possible to downgrade any A5 or A5X device on the condition that shsh blobs are saved. 

how to downgrade iphone firmware from 5.1 to 5.0.1

As long as the SHSH blobs are saved, it is possible to downgrade the firmware of any A5 device, He claims that it would be possible to downgrade the new A5X devices too once the firmware updates are available. iH8sn0w is the creator and author of various jailbreaking related tools lilke, Sn0wbreeze, iReb, iBooty, iFaith. Here is what iH8sn0w tweeted:

iH8sn0w downgrade 5.1 firmware to 5.0.1

This is a great news for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users as they no longer need to fear an upgrade every time they restore their device. Generally if  there is any problem with your device the only option to fix it was a clean software restore from iTunes but doing so, the users lose the jailbreak for ever unless otherwise a new jailbreak is out.

Great Job iH8sn0w and Happy 2nd Birthday Sn0wbreeze...

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

iPhone Mods : Get Glowing iPhone Logo And A Torch Light

Mod To Get Glowing iPhone Logo And Torch Light through Headphone Jack

Bored of using iPhone covers and cases ? You might find mod by iPatch very cool. iPatch has created a iPhone mod that illuminates the apple logo at the back panel of the iPhone just like the glowing apple in mac books. Apart from the glowing apple logo at the back, iPatch has included a torch that comes through the headphone jack. The user can manage the settings of the intensity of the light and the glow. This mod is available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users only. Have a look at the screenshots.

apple iphone 4 torch illuminating mods by iPatch

glowing apple mod for iphone 4 S


Few Key Points To Highlight : 

  • It will be available on the new iPhone 4S (Verizon and CDMA too)
  • It has had no noticeable drop in battery performance in day to day use
  • It does not cause any heating of the rear case
  • The light goes off when the screen goes off. This means it will not glow when you are on a normal call and have the phone to your ear or have the phone on standby
  • The light effect is an evenly distributed glow, much like the apple symbol on the rear of a mac book lid
  • It does illuminate when you receive a text or call, or when your alarm sounds
  • It does not cause any change in thickness to the phone or result in any light leakage around the frame
  • The glass plate used is that from a standard iPhone 4 and is, therefore, available in black and white (or even custom colors if required)
  • The color of the apple logo can be changed by applying a colour filter and its intensity can be reduced by reducing the front LCD brightness. There are other, currently classified, mods that may be possible too depending on testing. Currently, when the light is off, the apple has a frosted glass appearance but this may change to reflective silver, if possible, to maintain the original look of the iPhone
  • The camera function is completely unaffected either with or without flash
  • Plans are to release an export franchise kit which will be available to trained repairers abroad. It is by no means simple to replicate and would not be advisable to attempt without the expertise and knowledge of how the iPhone functions at a circuitry level. Details of how to participate will be released in the future
  • It will void any warranty with apple but the modification is fully reversible, returning the iPhone exactly back to how it was (at a smaller additional cost)
  • It will come with iPatch's standard 90 day warranty so if anything goes wrong, you are covered
  • International orders are welcomed although please be aware of the delivery scale and costs
  • It looks, quite frankly, awesome!
This mod is currently in production and testing and will be in market soon. Advance users can directly purchase the hardware and install it themselves where as those who need some one to install this mod on their device can send their devices to iPatch's workshop ONLY when there is any official announcement.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

iPhoto App For iOS Brings Apple A Huge Fortune : 5 Million In 10 Days

iPhoto  For iPhone And iPad Generated Apple Over 5 Million In Just 10 Days

Along with the new iPad, Apple released the new iOS 5.1 with loads of updates and a new add on app for the iOS devices. iPhoto became a huge success for Apple with monetary terms and with regards to customer satisfaction.  We have previously discussed and reviewed iPhoto for iPhone and iPad and discussed its over all benefits from the user perspective.

iPhoto app for iOS 5.1

The news is that iPhoto has bagged apple $5 million and is still selling as hot cakes. There were over a million downloads in the first 10 days of the launch of this application. iPhoto is integrated into Macs and this is the first time that Apple thought of getting a mac application to the iOS.

iPhoto for the new iPad 3 and iPhone

With the new iPad having Hi-Res Retina Display, iPhoto looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous. People enjoy using the gestures to enhance the pictures and alter the saturation. Its all in gestures.

You can download iPhoto from iTunes : Direct Link

Detailed review of iPhoto

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Of Warcraft Official Game, Coming Soon To iPhone

Blizzard Planning To Launch Official World Of Warcraft Game For iPhone

world of warcraft iPhone game coming soon

World Of Warcraft, one of the most played games in the world is set to come to iPhone screens. Blizzard is planning to launch an official world of warcraft game for iPhone. World of warcraft mobile armoury is the only official blizzard app for iPhone which can be used to browse through the characters and guilds.

While speaking to eurogamer, senior world of warcraft producer, John Lagrave explained the challenges that are involved in making the game available on the iPhone screen.

Here is what John said:

"Here's your platform, you've got to put an interface, what do you do? So yes we have looked into mobile and we always are. Maybe we'll stumble on the great way to put WOW on the phone - maybe we won't, but we're certainly looking into it.

"We won't do it until we think it's decent. But it's interesting and the world is evolving towards that little handheld device - I'd have fun on it, that's absolutely the case. It would be foolish for any game developer to not be looking at that and we're not - we don't think- we're foolish!

What we get out of John's statement for sure is that blizzard is definitely looking into mobile phone development. Hope to see the app on iPhone soon. Fingers crossed!

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