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Monday, August 5, 2013

InstaLauncher Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone And iPad - Quick Launch Your Apps

InstalLauncher Tweak - Launch Apps Instantly Using Gesturs - For iPhone And iPad

Instalauncher is a new Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhones and iPads that allows you to launch applications easily with precision and it looks awesome too! Instalauncher as the name suggest is application that is heavily relied on Activator gestures allows you to customize the controls so you can set the method of launching instalauncher and then use it for quickly switcher between different apps.
instalauncher tweak for iPhone cydia
The default app switcher for iOS is the spotlight search which by no means serves the real purpose of switching as you have to exit the app all the way to the home screen and then use the spotlight search to search and launch the desired application. Instalauncher is different, it allows you to switch between applications without having to exit the app and go all the way to the home screen. 

Instalauncher, arranges the apps in an elegant alphabetical order giving you an ease of access as you can see all your applications and games sorted in a chronological order. There are many settings that can be configured from with in the app. You can choose the order in which you want the apps to be aligned. You can also choose the gesture method for launching intalaunccher and precisely you can also choose the location which the activation switch of launching instalauncher should work. You can either set it on only lock screen, home screen, in app or every where.

Enough said, lets have a look at the tweak in action. 

Instalauncher is available in the Cydia store for a price tag of $1.99 only and it works on all devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. Instalauncher lets you access any app within 500 milliseconds. With an activator actionof your choice, you can bring up a launcher with every app you have installed listed in an alphabetical order. IT will also show you recently started apps and a number of favorites that you can choose.

  • Access any app almost instantly
  • Activator integration
  • Shows recently opened apps
  • Favorites, unlimited in numbers
  • Add or remove apps
  • Add or remove the panels
  • Adapts to your current hand
  • Works on iPhone and iPad as well
Coming Soon In InstaLauncher
  • Different panel-types
  • Realizable panels
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

LockHTML 2 Cydia Jailbreak Tweak Updated With New Features And Enhancements

LockHTML 2 Cydia Jailbreak Tweak Updated With New Features And Enhancements

If you have already used LockHTML on your jailbroken iPhone, then you probably know what we are talking about over here. Lock HTML as the name suggests, adds functionality and enhances your iPhone lock screen making it more useful and functional. You can add weather updates on your lock screen or add a world clock. Lock HTML uses the default lock screen background of your iPhone so you don't have to worry about your wallpaper being replaced by the tweak.
Using LockHTML 2 you can choose the slider from available wide range of lock screen sliders allowing you to customize your iPhone lock screen in detail. You can also change the battery placement and alter the notification style and even add HTML functionality with the default music player of your iPhone. If you are using a jailbroken iPhone 5, then LockHTML2 is highly recommended as it adds a beauty to your lock screen.

Features Of LockHTML 2:
  • Uses actual lockscreen background
  • Smart LS Clock Hide will hide your clock when you need it hidden but show it when you have music playing
  • Move HTML Down when controls are active so they tdo not cover your widget
  • Tons of slider options (custom knob, custom well, hide/show)
  • Custom battery placement
  • Custom notifications height
  • Custom html Move distance
  • Manually get location for gps enabled themes
  • Finds themes in winterboard and perpagehtml folders
  • Custom cameragrabber
  • Hide html with music controls
  • iWidget support
  • Auto create options file for ifile-less widget settings
  • Edit mode on lockscreen to change widget placement

What's New In LockHTML 2 1.4-1
  • Added plugin compatibility
  • Added Show LSClock while charging to smart clock hide
  • Added Move HTML while charging to html actions.
  • Added hide HTML with passcode to HTML actions
  • Added passcode theme option in misc settings
  • Added hide passcode topbar in misc settings
  • Added passcode dot color in misc settings
  • Fixed an issue with uninstalling the tweak causing winterboard not to function properly
  • Fixed compatibiluty with a few other tweaks

lockhtml 2 tweak
lock html 2 cydia

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Facehalt - Jailbreak Tweak Alternate For Samsung's Smart Pause Now Available For iOS

Facehalt - Jailbreak Tweak Alternate For Samsung's Smart Pause Now Available For iOS

Samsung with every new model of its devices, introduces features that were previously not available for the smartphones. Once such feature is smart pause. Smart pause is an intelligence service that uses the front facing camera while you are playing a video to automatically pause the video when you turn away from the smartphone. The reason for doing this is so that you don't miss any second of the video that you are watching. That's pretty cool. Having said that, Samsung would generally charge you for an entire new device for adding on new features which is not feasible for every one to afford it.

facehalt tweak cydia jailbreak smart pause

Coming to iOS and the beauty of jailbreak, a new tweak "Facehalt" has been released in Cydia for all iOS devices including iPhones, iPads and iPods. Facehalt is an alternate for Samsung's smart pause. As cool as it sounds, this tweak does the exact same thing which Samsung's smart pause does for you. You can turn install facehalt on your iOS device, say an iPhone 4S and play a video. To check if the tweak really works, all you have to do is to turn your face away from the phone and you'd notice that the video would automatically be paused. Thanks to Facehalt by apocolipse!

Facehalt Cydia Desciption:

                           "  FaceHalt is an all new tweak that will halt cideo playback when your face isn't looking at the screen! Similar to an intelligent pausing feature some other phones may have, Facehalt pauses and plays videos in almost any application you're watching videos in!  "
                 " Facehalt currently hooks into most applications and works great, certain apps with custom video player implementations like VLC need additional work and will be supported in future. "

Using FaceHalt

To use, simply make sure the app is enabled in settings=> Facehalt => toggle on to start using it. When playing a video facehalt will automatically play and pause based on your gaze. To manually pause a video, simply double tap the pause button, then to restart facehalt after simply press play again.

           " From the makers of BatterInfo Lite, BatteryDetective, 3DBoard, RecognizeME, PaperLock, I'd blindly buy this tweak casue all the previous tweaks made my this author were incredibly awesome and the concept was new for iOS platform. "
FaceHalt is available in Cydia store for $1.99 and supports the following devices, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Generation

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Enhance YouTube Streaming Speed On iPhone And iPad By Installing TCP Optimizer - Cydia Tweak

Cydia Tweak - TCP Optimizer Increases YouTube Streaming Speed On iOS Device

Do you spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and streaming music ? This tweak might come handy to you. TCP optimizer enhances the youtube streaming by loading the video quickly. Once you install TCP optimizer, you no longer need to wait for the videos in YouTube to load. The streaming speed will be increased to almost double and you will no longer need to wait for long hours for the videos to load.

To install TCP optimizer you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod and then add pushfix repository in your device. Follow the instructions below to install the free tweak TCP optimizer on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Step 1 : Launch Cydia and go to Manage tab

Step 2 : Select Sources from the Manage tab and then select edit and add the following repo:

Step 3 : Once Cydia updates the list of sources, go to the search tab and enter the following:

TCP Optimizer

Step 4: Close Cydia and launch YouTube to check the change in speed.

Jailbreaking is amazing. It lets you install various tweaks and test them on your iOS devices. Once you jailbreak your iOS device you can install various applications from Cydia that can optimize the performance and change the UI of your iPhone.

You can also try these recent amazing tweaks on your iPhone or iPod or iPad

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Curiosa - Cydia App Update Notifier / Background Updater

Curiosa - Notifications and Background updates for Cydia.

Do you remember Tweak Week ? The developer to initiated this challenge and submitted numerous cool tweaks for Cydia was Ryan Petrich aka @rpetrich Ryan Petrich has been a great source of contribution to Cydia applications. The latest to come from him is Curiosa . Curiosa can be used for updating Cydia aplications and to receive notifications for various Cydia apps. Curiosa is still in Beta state and Ryan has released a beta version for the app for public and it can be downloaded from his repository. To get this app on your iOS device, launch Cydia and add the following repository.

To Add The Repository

  1. Launch Cydia and got to Manage tab
  2. Select Sources from Manage tab
  3. Tap on edit and then add the repository
  4. From manage sources, select Repository
  5. Finally from the list of applications select and install Curiosa

Best Cydia Tweaks
Step 1
Best Cydia Sources
Step 2 & 3

Cydia apps for ipad
Step 4
Cydia top sources
Step 5

Best cydia apps

You can set preferences for Curiosa to update hourly, every two hours, every six hours, daily, manually, or after respring. A manual refresh can be performed using Activator Events. Curiosa will show update notifications for packages that are installed and those that match the specified keywords.

                             TweakWeek was an open invitation to the jailbreak Cydia app developers to contribute and express their work in a unique way. Best Cydia tweaks were released during this event. Top cydia developers got themselves involved in releasing top and best cydia applications for fame as the condition for this event was the applications should be open source that means the developers won't get paid for anything but just demonstration of their skills in making best possible cydia applications and releasing them for free. Developers added their applications on their own repositories known as cydia sources. The rules for TweakWeek were as follows:
  1. The Developer should release daily 1 tweak for Seven Days
  2. The release should be an open source tweak and shouldn't be a paid one
  3. All work must be done on the day of the release it self.
TweakWeek was very successfull and we got to see and experience new tweak for 9 weeks, that's 63 New Tweaks. The developers who contributed to TweakWeek are as follows:

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Monday, April 2, 2012

iSleepWell Automatically Switches Into Airplane Mode When Its Placed Face Down

iOS Tweak To Automatically Switch Your iPhone Into Airplane Mode

Developer xvolks is not new to jailbreak and cydia tweaks. His contribution to Corona jailbreak is widely appreciated. There used to be some issue with the jailbreak that disabled iBooks in jailbroken iOS devices. Xvolks patch made iBooks work on iOS deivices. His work on iBooks can be seen here.

cydia tweak iSleepwell for iPhone

iSleepWell is a tweak by Xvolks that has just hit Cydia and brings with it a feature set that attempts to give the user a good night sleep. The application uses a simple method of deactivating all radios, in other words, setting Airplane mode to on through a simple detection routine.


iSleepWell is useful to turn airplane mode ON when going to bed (for example) by just putting your iDevice beside you on the screen side. It detects that position and turns off all radios. You can sleep without being disturb by unsolicited calls and you are not bombarded by negative waves. Many parameters can be changed. iOS devices comes built in with a number of hardware sensors that can detect the orientation of the phone, allowing certain things to happen for each state it may be in. iSleepWell uses this hardware capability and turns off all radios when the device is placed screen down on a surface.

cydia app review iSleepwell

Features Of iSleepWell:

Enabled : if ON (default), iSleepWell will detect the sleep position and react as expected. If OFF, it does nearly nothing except waiting to go ON.

Play Sound : when the airplane mode is about to be triggered the device says Airplane mode enabled. This let you put it on the right side to prevent the mode change.
When you take back the device in your hand, the device says Back to normal.
If OFF, no sound is played.

Vibrate : when airplane mode is actually changed, the device vibrates if ON.

Scan interval : iSleepWell polls the accelerometer state each X seconds : 5 and 10 are good choices.

Screen down : by default you have to put the device on the screen to trigger the airplane mode. you can change that behavior by setting this switch to OFF. Useful to test and see the plane too...

Active on sleep mode : when you let your device without using it at all, it goes to suspend state and the applications receive no CPU time from iOS. This switch set to ON awakes to device every 15 minutes to check if the position have changed. So turning your device may not trigger the airplane mode right now if it is in hibernation. This will consume very few battery.
You can set it to OFF if you fear for your battery, but I did not notice significant change.

Disable on manual change : if you set Airplane mode by yourself (when you are aboard a plane ;)), iSleepWell will detect this state and will disable itself until you reenables the radios by yourself.
Setting this to OFF, will let iSleepWell to reenable the radios. It's safer to let this to ON.

Prevent from running : if set to ON, iSleepWell will exit completely and will be unable to do anything. The only ways to relaunch it is to respring or reboot the device after putting this toggle to OFF.

You can get iSleepWell from the Cydia Store for $0.99.

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